The Magician’s Daughter

Who doesn’t love magic?  There’s something about the “danger” of not knowing if the girl will reappear in the magical death box of despair or knowing how  those 3 rings got detached from each other that makes you wonder.

For me?  It’s a different kind of excitement.  I’m the Magician’s Daughter.

My Dad is a magician, ventriloquist and comedian (he’s actually Showtime’s Funniest Man in West Virginia… the trophy looks like a big arm with the hand holding a pie, getting ready to throw).  He performs over 350 shows a year at elementary schools, using ventriloquism and magic to teach young children about safety, social values and drug awareness. He also helps manage seven other performers, obtain props and equipment, and puts the shows together for them.

It wasn’t really until he came to my school when I was in like 1st grade that I truly realized that all dad’s don’t typically “practice” their bits before bedtime or have these crazy furry or feathered puppets that would read you your bed time stories (a lot like I didn’t know that “Bartender” wasn’t a real game before kindergarten… but that’s a whole other story).  I had been sung “If your nose is kinda runny, and you think it’s kinda funny, you may thing that it’s funny… but it’s SNOT” more times that I can remember… but all my friends hadn’t, my Dad was a total ROCK STAR!  There was actually a kid that until 8th grade would ask every now and again how my “Uncle Vinny” was doing.

He used to do a lot of community magic when I was that age as well and I was his lovely assistant.  I’ve been sawed in half, levitated, vanished and had all kinds of knives and swords stuck through me.  I LOVED IT!

However, now when I see magic or vent acts… it’s a different kind of fun.  I’m not concerned about the “HOW DID HE DO THAT?” but the “WHY DID HE DO THAT?.”  I’m not wondering where the girl went when she vanished… I know exactly where that leggy broad is.  I’m wondering why he chose to move the curtain to the left first and why he wants your attention over to the right while the girl is dancing around.  Fun, but probably different then the average person.

The Hubs loves and hates this about me.  For example, on our Honeymoon we went to Disney World.  At Downtown Disney there’s a magic shop called “Magic Masters.”  They have magicians at the small shop doing sleight of hand coin tricks, card tricks, coloring book tricks (one of my favs) and more.  They perform the trick, then sell you a kit so you can perform it at home.  It’s pretty fun.  Unless your Dad has taught you all the tricks and your Husband BEGS as you walk 3 stores down to know how one is done… and when you whisper that **like I’m really going to tell everyone on here how a trick is done** he says “AHHHHHH”… then how I’ve ruined the trick for him!  *sigh*

When I see the vent acts, I understand that the “B” and “F” sounds are super hard to make without moving your mouth.  Try it right now.  It sounds like “The Doy Dought the Dasket Doll” instead of “The Boy Bought the Basket Ball.”  And “Thrank Likes Thish Shticks” instead of “Frank Likes Fish Sticks.” I remember practicing so hard with my “Billy Baloney” puppet or my “Ivy” puppet so I could perform with my younger brother for my Mom, Dad and baby sister when I was little.  It’s still hard for me now, but it has made saying things under my breath at meetings SO much more fun.

I bring all of this up, because last night my Dad and I went to a vent/magic show.

The opening vent was good, and he performed much of the same material I grew up with.  This guy had a duck as his main puppet, my Dad had a bird.  This guy did a bit where he brought up 2 people from the audience and turned them into human puppets, my dad did it with one person and had them sing and dance… different, but similar.  It totally brought me back to watching him rehearse and helping him decide what to name a new puppet or decide on a joke.

The magician did a couple of big illusions and a straight jacket escape.  He brought me back to when I was 7 and I was the one in the tiny box with swords all through my body or posing for the audience while my dad disappears.

And no, I’m not going to tell you how these tricks work.  A magician never reveals their secrets… unless your on your honeymoon… and they you’ll never do it again.

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