Easter Baby

I was fortunate enough to be with Michelle & Todd when she was rushed into the emergency room for a c-section and stayed with Michelle’s Mom and her Brother while she was in surgery.

Todd was so loving with her, getting her the cold washcloths and doing everything he could to help her… so sweet!

Michelle is officially my hero.  As the epidural was wearing off and she was in a LOT of pain, she was much calmer then I’d ever thought someone could be in that position.  She was such a trooper about everything and the complications she was experiencing.  Seriously… my hero.

After 20 LONG hours of labor, Noah Sterling Lemely was brought into the world at 10:41pm April 24th, Easter Sunday.  At 6 pounds 10 ounces and 21 inches long, he is just a little nugget of love.

I took LOTS of photos of him that night in the hospital room and then a few days later at their home.  These are just a few of my favs.

Noah getting checked out and weighed

Metting Todd

Meeting Michelle

TOO CUTE in the crib

Getting some loves from Michelle in the middle of our photo fun

Laying on his Noah's Arc blanket

Cuddled up in just a few of the MANY blankets hand made just for him

Cuddled up with the monkey Nick and I got him... it's WAY bigger than he is!

Banjo (the first baby) and Noah taking naps together

So happy to call them my extended family 🙂  Mom and baby are doing great and I can’t wait to spend more time with them as “Auntie Lauren.”  It TRULY makes me so happy to see their little family growing… just too precious.

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