This mortal form grows weak. I require sustenance!

I must preface this review by stating that I have never read a “Thor” comic book. For that matter, I haven’t read much of any comic books.  I am one of the few that thought that the “Superman Returns” movie was actually decent (how was I supposed to know that it was so flawed from its comic book origins?)

Chris Hemsworth is a tall drink of water.  He and his brother have been on my guy ogling radar for some time (his brother will be playing Gale in “The Hunger Games” and I can NOT wait to see him rock that). Chris I first saw in the Star Trek reboot as Kirk’s dad and thought that maybe he could have even pulled off the role of Kirk (note: I did really like Chris Pine).  Hemsworth packed on a good deal of muscle weight for the role.  I remember when Nick told me he got the part we were both skeptical that he could pull off the “Greek God of Thunder” physique… He nailed it! His first scene is entering a grand ballroom ceremony in his honor and he just owns it.

The visual effects were stunning.  The “bridge” between realms was probably my favorite.  Just really unique.  This isn’t a funny action movie like the Iron Man movies or super stylized like the Superman movies or completely dumb like the Spiderman movies… It’s different.  Nt sure how to put my finger on it.  I never was 

I really appreciate that now that they’ve cast more Avengers they are starting to incorporate them into the films, not just the teasers after the credits… Yes there is one to set up Captain America (and the Benjamin Button special effects in that movie are going to be insane!),  Tony Stark (Iron Man) was referenced and the Hawkeye made an appearance as well.

Natalie Portman’s physicist character is scared yet somehow intrigued by this crazy man running around thinking he is “Thor.” My husband will not be happy that I’m writing this, but I’m not sure they needed her character? The love story wasn’t all that interesting to me… There just wasn’t enough time for them to have any connection.  Oh well.

Heimdall is played by “The Office” star Idris Elba (Charles Miner) and is totally unrecognizable.  His character is probably one of my favorites in the movie. 

Overall the movie had some great action sequences.  I read that the dramatic scene between Odin and Thor when Thor gets banished was ad-libbed by Sir Anthony Hopkins, so we got a true father’s reaction to what the “little rude boy” was screaming at him.  Makes it even better!

They had to put in a LOT of backstory so people like me would understand that the reason Thor’s Hammer is so mighty is because it was made from a dying star collapsing in on itself and things.  It takes a while to heat up, but now I’m intrigued by what will happen if a sequel will be made and what his role will be in The Avengers movie.

Not one that I would make a trip back to theater to see, but if someone rented it, I would watch it again.

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