Bridesmaids and Pirates

This weekend we went to a wedding in Charleston (congratulations James & Esther!). The Schultz wedding was beautiful with a peacock color theme and so many of their friends and family in once place to celebrate.  It brought Nick and I back to our wedding… And after being on the Bride and Groom side of things, you have a new understanding of all things table seating, flowers, time and food.  It was a lot of fun!

After the wedding was over, we went and saw “Bridesmaids” at the theater that was about 2 blocks from our hotel.  We thought it was appropriate given the weekend.  It was HILARIOUS!

“Bridesmaids” deserves every ounce of hype that it is getting right now.  It is RAUNCHY… Think “The Hangover” with more scenes that make you groan as you laugh.   The movie is about childhood best friends played by Kristin Wigg and Maya Rudolph.  When Maya’s Lillian gets engaged and Kristin’s Annie is selected as the maid of honor all Hell breaks loose.  Annie’s life unravels before your eyes.  She was what you call down on her luck before, but as the wedding planning continues her life disintegrates.  The other colorful Bridesmaids don’t help the situation, especially Helen who becomes Annie’s arch nemesis played by Rose Byrn.   The big stand out is Melissa McCarthy from Gilmore Girls and Mike & Molly… Think Zach Gallafanakis.

The film is very relatable I feel.  If you’ve EVER been involved in a wedding you can understand some of the trails that occur.  When you get several girls together from different backgrounds to be in a bridal party, I would think there is always going to be a little bit (if not so exaggerated) of the hyjinx in the film.

I think my husband laughed harder at this film in the theater than he has in quite sometime laughing at “guy comedies.” so it really is a movie for anyone old enough to see “R” rated films… I’m telling you… The opening scene is a perfect set up for how filthy the movie will get!

So… We drive back Sunday and meet my friend (and bridesmaid at our wedding) Becky to see the 4th Pirates movie.

“Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tide” is everything you expect out of a Pirates movie.  Johnny Depp running like a drunk girl, swashbuckling fights, action on both land and sea and a dash of the supernatural.

If you’ve never seen a Pirates movie before OR you’re a huge fan of the franchise you’ll want to go see it.  

However…. I must whine about a few things.  

1.) the dog wasn’t anywhere!  My favorite part of the movies and ride… So much so that for my birthday last year Nick got me a Disney painting of the dog holding the keys as the pirates in the cell try to bribe him with a bone… And yet… He’s not there!

2.) Black Beard (Ian McShane) wasn’t as menacing as I had hoped he would be as one of the baddies in this film.  Seeing him in Deadwood, I feel he can scare me and still make me root for him in anything he does… Except this movie.

3.) They got rid of Orlando Bloom- HOORAY (sorry Becky) and Keira Knightly (DOUBLE HOORAY) But they had to force this love story with a Priest and a Mermaid on us… Seriously?

I did like Penelope Cruz as Johnny’s leading lady.  They had some fun chemistry and I could listen to her accent all day! 

So overall it was a pretty good movie weekend.  However, we’re going back to the island tonight.  One-year ago today we were all gathered at the house to watch the finale.  Tonight we will start our official LOST re-watch.

From now until September 22nd we will watch all 6 seasons. It’s going to be so much fun for me… And probably not as much fun for my husband as I trek back into my true LOST geekiness. Check out my previous blog post for more details and stay tuned, my next post will be about the big night tonight!

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