Seriously?: Pilot (Part 2)

Episode:  Pilot (Part 2)
Date Re-Watched: 5/23/11

“This relationship works because I feed her crazy.  If I smothered it like a campfire it would not work.” – Nick
“Seriously?” – Me
“What else do you smother… besides you?” – Nick

This LOST re-watch is already off to an awesome start, and we’re only on episode 2!

There are hints as to who the true convict is.  It is a cool social experiment as Becky said, to see who you think the convict will be.  I can’t remember who I originally thought it would be, maybe Locke? I know I didn’t predict who it was, that’s for sure.  And yes, knowing who it is, if you watch the gun scene after the Polar Bear gets shot, you can tell the manipulation that is going on… because it’s the best acting ever.

The end scene with the transceiver is also pretty amazing.  It’s the first time that it’s really addressed “WHERE ARE THEY?” Granted, they can’t answer that thanks to the  French Lady’s message.  Gee, can you believe she entered our lives as early as the pilot? And now that whole message she left explains exactly what we saw in Season 6… WOW!

Fav Shots:
Sun’s little act of defiance. Unbuttoning her top bottom on her sweater.
Sayid’s face as Shannon and Boone fight.
Hurley passing out at the blood
The transmission sequence.  
“Shannon, you studied french when you got kidnapped and Liam Neeson had to search for you in ‘Taken!'”-  Becky Moore

“We are traveling… We are traveling.. We-Are-Traveling…” Origin of the song
“What are you? Air Force? Army?”  “The Republican Guard.” – Hurley and Sayid
“You’re havin’ a bad month” – Locke to Walt
“Two players. Two sides. One is light. One is dark…” – Locke to Walt
“Probably Bear Village, how the Hell would I know?” – Sawyer
“Guess what?! I just shot a bear” – Sawyer
“The French! The French are coming!  I’ve never been so happy to hear the French!” – Charlie
“Guys, where are we?” – Charlie

2 down. 119 to go.

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