This Time You May Talk: Pilot (Part 1)

Episode: Pilot (Part 1)
Date Re-Watched: 5/23/11

For those of you who have never watched LOST with me there is one very strict rule: NO TALKING WHILE THE EPISODE IS ON! You can ask questions and theorize all you want during the commercial breaks, but as soon as LOST comes back… “AGAGA!”

As the blueray disc started to load last night, my brother asked “Are we allowed to talk?”  I was completely taken aback.  We’ve seen these episodes multiple times each, of course we could talk.  It’s for the new viewer… the new episode… the new information that the rule was created.  Too many an episode went by where a major mystery was being introduced or a character connection was being made and the gathering at the then apartment had no idea what was going on.

It’s fun to re-watch the pilot.  It’s like a movie.  Millions of dollars went into the production of just the pilot: in hopes that ABC would keep it more than 6 episodes.

The close-up of Jack’s eye and Vincent running through the bamboo… if only we knew then what we know now after 6 season.  All he had to do was a walk a certain path beyond that bamboo… not sure what he would have done once he got there, but WOW.

Before the first commercial break, you see a 360 degree view of the entire plane crash site.  Shannon is the only passenger acting how most people would react… screaming and frozen in place.  Locke helped a passenger and you would never suspect a thing about this guy, until he doesn’t seek shelter in the rain.

I read that in the original script the character Boone was named “Five.”  So, when they decided (and thank goodness they did!) to change the name to Boone, they did a Find & Replace on the script.  It wasn’t until one of the read-throughs that they discovered that during the scene where Jack tells Kate about his first solo surgery going awry and needing to let the fear in to complete it, he counts to 5…although it read “One… Two… Three… Four… Boone.”  How funny is that?

MUSIC… geez Michael Giacchino is so talented.  I forgot how much I love the music to this show.  It’s almost another character at times, but in other scenes it totally empathizes with whatever character it is behind.  SO GOOD.  

Why did the smoke monster kill the pilot you may ask.  Greg Gruenberg (The Pilot) was not supposed to fly the plane… it was supposed to be Frank Lapidus… you’ll meet him later 😉

Fav shots:
Eyes open
When Jack’s running to Claire and the heat from the crash is rising in front of him
Locke in the rain
Kate’s face when the pilot leaves

Fav Quotes:
“You’re not running now” – Jack to Kate after the 1-2-3-4-5 story
“Don’t worry about the others, we need to stay together” – Jin to Sun
“That’s not Vincent”- Michael to Walt
“I’ll keep you company until he does… don’t worry it will all be over…” – Jack to Rose
“Think we should do something about … the … uh.. B-O-D-Y-S?” – Hurley
“We have to go back for him.” – Kate to Charlie

1 down 120 to go.

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