Tranformers: Dark Side of the Moon

I would rank it as better than the second movie. The action was slowed down enough for the 3D that you could actually tell that Autobot ‘A’ was punching Deceptacon ‘B’ and all the detail that goes with it. Sometimes in these action movies, it goes by so fast it feels like I’m just watching a cloud of smoke with an arm here or a leg there. This action was actually pretty decent.

I enjoyed Rosie Huntington-Whitely MUCH more than Megan Fox. She looks like a younger Cameron Diaz (circa “The Mask”) but with a more serious tone and not so goofbally.
Patrick Dempsey was pretty good too. Overall the acting wasn’t all that bad, it was really the writing. About every 6th line felt like it was from another movie: “There can only be one!”

Unexpected cameos speckled throughout the movie are pretty fun. John Malkovich is hilarious, as is Ken Jeong and even Buzz Aldrin! I had no idea going in that there were in the movie and they were pretty spot on. THE COLOR RED IS NOT ALLOWED ON THIS FLOOR!

If you are a Transformers diehard from the originals be prepared to sigh and throw your hands up at times, as the Hubs did throughout the movie. If you are like me, who has little to no history with the alien robots, it will be a semi-enjoyable action movie.

Make sure you hit the bathroom before this thing begins, it is about an hour longer than it needs to be… and your bladder will feel it!!

I give it a C+, ALMOST B-.

Hopefully we’re going to see “Green Lantern” this weekend… so stay tuned 😉

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