Horrible Bosses Makes Me Want to Drag Race a Prius

Horrible Bosses is HILARIOUS!

The Guys: Jason Sudeikis, Charlie Day and Jason Bateman are a trio you know. Bateman is the more serious “straight man,” who does what he’s supposed to do when he’s supposed to do it, follows the rules…. Day is the COMPLETE opposite. He’s your outrageously funny guy who doesn’t quite think things through (“We’re men looking for a man…”). And then there’s Sudeikis who’s in the middle of those two extremes. He’s chasing tail any way he can in the movie, but when Charlie is being over the top he sides with Bateman and when Bateman is being “not so fun” he sides with Charlie.

They all balance each other out in the end and the chemistry is totally there for the bromance. Stay after the movie ends (Great ending!) for fun outtakes. (“… show her the 50 states…”)

The Bosses: Collin Farrell was the insane boss. He inherited the company from his father and just couldn’t care less, so he tortures Sudeikis and anyone who is within earshot of his drugged out self. It reminded me almost a little bit of Tom Cruise in “Tropic Thunder.”

Then there’s Kevin Spacey who is the power hungry boss. He exists to make Jason Bateman’s life Hell and make sure his wife (Julie Bowen) isn’t stepping out on him. His character was really the only one out of the bosses that gets really flushed out, and he delivers. I’m always a fan of him as the bad guy…

Jennifer Aniston is pretty funny. I read that there was a big “Wig-gate” about whether or not to let her wear a big brunette wig during the film for her character. She put her foot down and said that if Colin Farrell got to wear a comb-over and such for his character, she should be able to remover herself a little bit too. I’m glad she won that fight, because if she had been all blonde highlight, flat ironed girl-next door looking I don’t think it would have played so funny.

The Plot: Pretty much “9 to 5” meets “Strangers on a Train” meets “The Hangover” … Fun, twisted exaggeration on something that most people can relate to.

Other Characters of Note: Jamie Foxx’s role made me actually excited to see him as the lead in Quintin Tarintino’s upcoming “Django Unchained.” His character name is out of control… and I love it. Julie Bowen was darling. Bob Newhart was delightful (as always) and Ioan Gruffud (the violinist from Titanic and Reed Richards in Fantastic Four) was a standout. Oh, and I can’t forget Gregory!

Funniest Moment: Charlie Day’s character Dale singing in the car while being the lookout. “That’s Not My Name!”

All in all I give this an A-. Dirty and fun R rated comedy.

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