Harry Potter and Paterniry of Snape’s Son

Let’s go back to when it was announced that theaters would play the Deathly Hallows Part 1 at 9pm, giving priority seating to those who wish to stay for the midnight premiere of DH Part 2.   We asked a manager at Hollywood Studios if this was true and if our 3D midnight showing tickets would be valid for the same theater if we bought the 9pm tickets.  We also double checked this with a second employee the next time we went to the theater to see a movie.  A friend then called and said he heard the opposite..that in order to get the priority seating, you had to have a 2D midnight ticket… I called and the manager on duty (who seemed super excited to be working) said that was true.

I told him my situation, that I had talked with 2 employees who told me the opposite, just so he would know for future reference why people might call to complain since employees had been giving out wrong information (calmly.. not accusing… I know how it goes), and since they were sold out for the 2D, I would be returning my tickets.  He didn’t seem to care and when I did exchange the tickets with a different manager, he never asked if there was a problem or why… having been in customer service a LONG time, I found it really odd.

So we bought our tickets at Carmike… we arrived at the theater around 5:15… no line.  So we went and ate dinner at Garfields, came back and they were setting up the lines.  We stepped right up and were first in line.  We became totally besties with Dylan, the Harry Potter gate keeper who had only watched 3 of the films (gosh was he a muggle or what?) and Kelly and Benjamin, a mom and son duo that were super fun and adorable.  We were interviewed by the local paper, made friends with the people around us and Nick, Kate, Becky and I had a blast.

Dylan was a good sport, we made him laugh and bought him a milkshake after he was told he would have to stay until the end of the midnight shows instead of getting off at 8pm as scheduled.  Carmike Theaters opened EVERY screen for Harry Potter.  Once one was full, they opened the next one.  They made a killing last night that even Gringott’s Bank would be proud of.  The lines they set up were manageable, signage was clear… Carmike had their owls in a row.  I must admit, I’m usually a Hollywood Theater girl, but this situation has totally changed my mind and I might go back to being a mall rat.

I later found out that once at Hollywood studios, the management reverted back the ticketing to what they had originally told us and because they had told everyone the opposite priority seating arrangement, they had to open another theater to keep customers happy.  Glad I was at Carmike! 

… Until…

It NEVER fails that we sit in front of, next to or beside the worst kind of movie goers.  People that make out the whole time… kick your seat every 20 seconds… or TALK THE WHOLE WAY THROUGH THE FILM.  Guess which delightful gems of people sat behind us?

The 2 witches had not read the books (which is totally fine!), but instead of just watching and waiting for the explanation of “Who is that? What is he doing? Why are they here? Where are they What’s he going to do? I knew he liked her! The Reserrection Stone!  Wait, I thought he had the want…. Wasn’t her haid different in the last movie?” they would ask each other.  It was the blind leading the blind.  I think my favorite quote from them was:
“Oh I get it… Harry is Snape’s son.  It all makes sense now.”



After that comment, which happened about 2/3 of the way through the film, I got tired of doing the typical head turn to the side “shut up” movie-goer technique and just straight up had a seizure in my chair to knock one witch’s foot off the back of my seat and shut her up.  I just felt turning around and saying something would have made it worse in this particular situation… so I went with the standard passive aggressive route… *sigh*

As far as the movie goes… it could have been titled “Harry Potter and the WOW They Took a LOT of Liberties For This Film.”  Lots of things were left out in terms of “minor” and “accessory” characters in order to wrap up the Harry/Voldemort plot.  I know people hated on the Lord of the Rings finale for being so long, but at least it had closure for all of its characters, not just the main one.

I’ll wait a while to actually give my full opinion on the movie after more of you see it… which you should… don’t get me wrong, it’s a Harry Potter film.  The special effects are great and it’s magically fun… just not the truest to the book.

Right now I’m being mortified at work for being on the front page of the Dominion Post in our Hogwarts garb.

My response?

“Do you wear a jersey to football games? Same thing… only more awesome.”

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