The Vision of Captain America

I ran out of contacts and was forced to wear my glasses until I could get an appointment.  Not only was I frustrated with the fact I had to wear my heavy glasses I didn’t like, I couldn’t really see because the prescription hasn’t been updated since I was a senior in high school.

When they checked my glasses prescription, the doctor actually said it was like starting over and giving me glasses for the first time because my vision was so bad… always something good to hear.  They dilated my eyes without checking my contact prescription (which may or may not have changed in a year) so once I got my new glasses, I would have to rock them for a while until I can go back in to get my contacts re-checked.


When I went back to pick my new frames and lenses up I put them on and had to ask if they were really my prescription.  The lenses were about half the weight I was used to and they used some sort of etching technology on my extremely bad prescription with astigmatism.  The things I could see in my peripheral looked “warped.”  The glasses lady then held up one of those signs with the writing at different font sizes at various angles around me and I about fell over.  I could READ it more than arm’s length away in every direction without squinting!

It did take me a few hours to get used to the fact that, as the glasses lady said: “You’re actually seeing for the first time in a long time.”  It was like going through life and then one day I could see everything in HD.  I couldn’t believe it!  I don’t think I’ve ever been able to see this well without having something 6 inches from my face and/or squinting hard core.  (Yea, driving was always a “What does that sign say?” until I was right in front of it situation)

SO, when we went and saw “Captain America: The First Avenger” last night, I was excited to see how my new glasses would do.

I now understand the hype about seeing 3-D movies.

I’m not sure if it was because this was the first movie I have EVER had the pleasure of watching without squinting the whole way through to understand that the character lurking in the background is This Guy and the one next to him is That Guy or they probably shouldn’t listen to Those Guys because their name tags have a symbols that says That.  I was floored! (GOSH I wish I had these when LOST was on!!! Maybe some of those headaches I got while watching weren’t because of the theories, but because I was trying to see all the little nuggets of information!)

Chris Evans exceeded my expectations as Captain America.  I’ve only ever seen him as the “cocky guy” so I was worried about him as Mr. Goodguy.   The technology they used to create “Skinny Steve” was incredible.  They filmed Chris Evans in front of a green screen and then deleted his muscles and shrunk him to the scrawny guy he is for the first quarter of the movie.  It was hard to tell at times that his body was basically recreated… They decided to do this because Chris Evans has a way of moving that another actor would not be able to recreate and it would be obvious that they had superimposed his face onto someone else’s body.  Really incredible special effects.

There were throwbacks to the only Captain America I know that’s super Star Spangled Bannered and stylized with that 1940’s feel.  The plot kept me interested and the music was phenomenal.

My other shout out for this movie goes to Hayley Atwell who plays Peggy Carter.  She was spot on perfection.  She played the Ginger Roger’s roll to a T, doing everything Captain America can do, only backwards… and in heels.  I LOVED HER.  Took me back *almost* to a more refined and girlier Marion Ravenwood.

I give Captain America: The First Avenger…… an   “A!”

I really enjoyed this movie and thought all the special effects, layered character (Oh hey there Iron Man’s Dad… the Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree…) and  actors performances (Stanly Tucci doing a German Accent… Tommy Lee Jones was incredibly fun!!)!  Will it sweep the Oscars? No… but is it my current favorite “Super Hero” movie?  I could see that…

Now I can’t wait to see the Avengers… and every other movie that’s out there because I can see in my awesome new glasses.

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