No Sass Mouthing.

Very few times a movie lives up the book.  I am happy to say that “The Help” captured the words that were written with respect and gave it more life.  Overall, I think writer-director Tate Taylor has done an excellent job bringing the book and its characters to life, in harmony with an exceptional cast. He has managed to recreate the look and feel of a Southern town in the 1960s, with its separate but unequal citizenry: the well-to-do white folks and their black servants.

I think if Oscar buzz is swirling for Viola Davis (Aibileen) and Octavia Spencer (Minnie) then I’ll swirl too.  Their conviction in the roles, the honesty… truly made the film.  Bryce Howard Dallas (daughter of Ron Howard) was just the perfect evil villain as Miss Hilly. And Jessica Chastain surprised me as Celia Foote, in the book the character wins you over time and time again, and in the movie… this actress nailed it.

Although humorous at times (I started laughing way too loud at the beginning when Minnie marched up to Miss Hilly’s door with that pie!) it turns on a dime at times into the dramatic and gives the movie a true heart.  Without that foundation of the drama, some characters would seem more like a caricature then “real” women. 

There were scenes left out of the book that I didn’t miss at all.  The way they handled the growth of these women over the course of 137 minutes was just beautiful.

Still shot from "The Help"


Favorite Moment: Sissy Spacek in every scene she was in… just hilarious

Favorite Quote: “No sass mouthing…”  (I have to repeat that to myself on a regular basis)

Trivia:  The young girl playing Sugar, Minnie’s eldest daughter, was the “Aretha-esque” of a singer in “School of Rock”

Favorite Shots: When the Tornado is coming, the sweeping landscape scene…. Aibileen and Minnie hugging at the dinner table, burning the fried chicken…. So many more!


I give this movie 5 stars.. A+, 2 thumbs up! So similar to the book, which if you haven’t read, you need to!


5 thoughts on “No Sass Mouthing.

  1. More trivia…the guy playing the waiter at the restaurant (told her to get back to Abileen’s) plays Lafeyette on True Blood. Kate says that one of the ladies playing cards played the crazy wife of the crazy minister in the third season of True Blood.


  2. Excuse me, Lauren.

    I’m not a native-speaker and I couldn’t find what “sass-mouthing” means. Google gave me few unrelevant links and your post. Could you please help me?



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