Blog Failure

I’d like to say that I haven’t posted in a while because I’ve been travelling the world in remote locations that do not receive the internets… or something more exciting… but to be honest, I just haven’t had the gumption.

We work all day and prepare for the next day at night.  It’s a never-ending adult cycle and we finally have entered the realm of responsibilities.  If I haven’t made plans for the evening, there’s about a 4 minute gap of time before I’m into comfy loungy clothes once I get home from work.  And if I do make plans on a weeknight, I’m absolutely exhausted by the time I get home.  It’s hard being a grown-up.

Which is why fun things like “The Lost Re-Watch” never got completed (NEVER GOT CLOSE!) and not hanging out with friends and family like I used to are becoming the norm.  I had high, high hopes of getting in shape over the summer so by now I would be less of a person than I am, but clearly that didn’t happen. 

I just need to find a plan of attack for doing everything I want to do in 24 hours… is that even possible?  Little things like when we’re buying groceries is now a plan and execute procedure that a year ago would never be an issue.  But now, by the time one of us gets home to let the dog out and the other is home from the store, we’ve graded papers, put Mary Kay orders together and no one wants to cook or be active and exercise… we want to nap… but that keeps us up all night so we’re zombie versions of ourselves the next two days…

So now, I’m all about trying to prioritize my life and get things going in a direction… any direction. 

I want to find a way for me to exercise on an actual regular basis.  If that means work-out buddies to keep me honest (ANY VOLUNTEERS), getting up super early (which would mean going to bed early)… whatever it takes.  I seriously need to lose some poundage before we start creating tiny humans… and that just seems way too far away at the rate I’m currently going.

I have climbed back aboard the Weight Watcher’s wagon.  I’m down 8 from when I started, and have noticed that the choices I’ve been making have been good.  Although I still drink more soda than I should, at least it’s all diet now.  I’ve found new recipes that are WW friendly and low in calories and sugar.  I’m actually eating more salads and healthy meals throughout the day… we’re getting there.  I think my diet is actually not as much of my problem now as me not getting enough activity in.

Mini Pumpkin Cupcakes w/ Apple Cider Glaze (only 1.5 WW points!)

Other than me being so wrapped up in every day things I almost forgot I had a blog… nothing is too incredibly new with us.  Franklin has declared war on any Pepsi Max can in our home, I’ve discovered “Pinterest” which you should too… I found it more productive than facebook: yet easily just as distracting, and I’ve developed a strange addiction to having fresh flowers in our home on a regular basis.

Take care Blog World… I’ll remember to update soon… I promise this time.

8 thoughts on “Blog Failure

  1. Yup, welcome to adulthood. I feel every bit of the lack-of-time-enough-to-think myself, and I’m petty sure my wife would say the same. Just hang in there. If you just try to keep at it & also try not to stress too much everything will work out perfectly fine regardless of anything else. The only other bit of advice is to set a boundary thtkeps everything else from interfering with spousal-fun-time. Always make regularly scheduled time for that & NEVER let anything bump it. Make it habit now cuz it gets even harder after kids. My wife has created a good suport community around health & weight loss at & she’s been doing great with that & dropping inches herself.


  2. Steve is very nice to say such things about me, but the truth is, now that I have a job I’ve lost track of the weight loss wagon and started walking in the opposite direction. Real life does seem to have a way of sneaking up on you. Ah, such good intentions!

    Are you local to Mgtn? Perhaps we could workout sometime (or go out for sushi–Steve won’t eat the stuff!). 🙂


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