…But That’s Alright By Me…

Becky and I went to the theater yesterday to kick off our Sunday shoes and hear it for the boy.  The remake of “Footloose” is a film that she and I had be tentatively looking forward to since they started showing trailers for it about 3 years ago.  It didn’t disappoint.  It had enough nods to the original film, while trying to make it as current as they could.

The young man playing Willard was a riot.  The loveable funny best friend who learns how to dance had just the right amount of everything you need for the role.  He was charming, funny and watching him try to dance while the little girls sang “Let’s Hear It for the Boy” was hilarious.

They didn’t have any of the book burning plot, but I didn’t miss it all.  They had enough tension with the racier Chuck/Ariel storyline and the ramped up “I’m really a good kid” story line for Ren.  Julianne Hough was hardly recognizable with her dark hair at first, but as soon as she started dancing you could see the dancing star.

But, enough about Ryan Seacrest’s girl getting slapped in the face by Dennis Quaid… let’s get to the new movie I will blindly obsess over until “SOON.”

The preview for “Joyful Noise” is as if… and I’m quoting Becky:
“Someone looked inside my brain and created a movie.”

Let me set the visual:  a small town, Dolly Parton, Queen Latifah, A struggling church choir and a national competition.

I mean come on!  Latifah goes up against Parton (who thought she was becoming the new leader for the choir, but got passed over for the Queen) on how the choir should be run.  Dolly’s grandson comes to spice things up and is a “good singer” and flirt with the Queen’s daughter… DUN DUN DUN. 

The song choices from the trailer include “Man in the Mirror”, “Do Ya Know What it Takes?”, “Me, You and the Dance floor”, “Sign, Sealed, Delivered, I’m yours” and more.

Besides this being Dolly’s return to the big screen after 20 years, I’m digging the feisty chemistry between my two sassy broads. It’s going to be Sister Act meets 9 to 5 and I am JAZZED.  While this has all the ingredients to be a fantastic guilty pleasure movie… it also has the potential to be a train wreck.  Either way I’m totally in.

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