If you give this girl a challenging workout…

It’s amazing how ONE decision can impact your thought process.

I went to Rob’s Fitness in the “old mall” last night.  My friend, Kristi, had told me about their Fit Club and how awesome it was.  She would come into work sore after the previous night’s class, but say she loved it.  She said it was crazy tough, but a lot of fun.  She was so right.

*note: I don’t know the technical terms for most of these things*

I’d describe the Fit Club class as “Insanity” meets “Curves”.  The two trainers set up enough stations so all 13 of us (sometimes there are more/less in the class) has a station each.  They range from sprinting on a stationary bike, lifting weights, sit-ups on an incline, throwing ropes against the ground that are tied to the wall, etc. 

You think to yourself, “Self, you have to do this for 40 seconds… then you get to rest 20 seconds to go to the next station… no problem!”


There are people like me in there… there are totally ripped people in there… and every size in between.  Everyone in the class is so focused on whatever station they’re at to even begin to care about what you’re currently doing or how you look when you do it.  Still, I was trying to “keep up”… allowing myself to almost pass out after the “Mountain Climber” station before the “Pull the elastic band on the wall” station.  I realized I had to go my own pace, which the trainers, Faye and Keri, were great about… they told us all that in the first place… I just didn’t listen 😉

This class is like having a personal training session… granted there are other people in the room, but they give attention to everyone!  Keri and Faye are awesome!  They make sure that everyone’s form and technique is correct.  They push you harder and encourage you to add more resistance/weight/reps to whatever you are doing. 

I’m by no means in-shape.  Last night was proof of that.  Things that I used to be able to do easily are now a fat-girl’s delima.  Even changing stations from a sitting station to a standing one took precious “rest” seconds away from me.  I had no idea how much exactly I needed this until I was in it.

Although I was cursing Kristi at just about every station at the time… I’m SO thankful she urged me to go.  I highly recommend this class and this gym.   It’s smaller, but has everything you would need to get a great workout.  I haven’t been there by myself for a “normal” workout, but I’m telling you… FIT CLUB!!!!  And it’s convinient for me to get off of work and go or go from the house and back!

They’re going to be starting a shorter session after Thanksgiving through Christmas and then another longer one in January.  Check out their facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Robs-Fitness-Factory/184582264907855

Now… I am sore today in places I can’t ever recall being sore before.  It’s a good sore… a sore that lets me know I’m doing the right thing by taking my health into my own hands and getting sweaty and actually DOING SOMETHING about it.

Back to the One Decision… Yesterday I made the decision to go to Fit Club.  I ate a Café’ Steamer’s Healthy Choice meal for yesterday’s lunch… BIG PROPS to that company: they are SO good and filling… and then a little while before class after I got off of work had some crackers and a cheese stick so my stomach wasn’t totally empty.  Last night I had been fully prepared to eat some leftover sandwich fixings and cheese balls (my fat girl kryptonite) when I got home from working out for dinner … and then stopped as I opened the fridge and realized… for the first time probably EVER… that I didn’t want to cancel out what I had just done for myself.

*GASP*     … and yes, you did see that piggy flying!

SO, I heated up a Smart Ones (Weight Watcher’s) frozen meal for dinner and was totally, completely, actually content.

Even after today’s healthy food choices as of lunch… I’m astonished at how in a matter of 24 hours… I have the emotional NEED to choose something healthier to eat/drink.  I’ve always had the WANT.  I’ve WANTED to choose to eat something healthy or have water instead of a soda.  I honestly have.  But I’m like the mouse in the book… I give myself one soda during my meal…but if I’m having the soda, I might as well get the salty fried food…. and if I’m getting that then I might as well get some desert… and if I do that then there’s no way I can move to workout tonight… etc… etc… etc….  All of those add up! 

Now, I have the NEED.  I have a goal.  I have a purpose.  I have the drive.  Even though walking DOWN the steps of my house this morning made my thigh muscles burn and brushing my hair made the sides of my ribs and my arms sting and laughing is just straight up painful on my abs… I feel like I have more energy today than I have in a while. 

I can’t wait to see what more of these classes can do for me… if I survive them! And now I know that my positive and healthy decisions can start stacking up the right direction.

2 thoughts on “If you give this girl a challenging workout…

    • It is intense! I’m signing up for the full membership in December, I just signed up for the few classes left in this session they’re in now for the class. When I go on Friday I’ll get more info on guests!


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