The App That Saved Christmas

I can’t tell you the number of times that I wasn’t fully ready for the gift giving portion of Christmas.  Wait, yes I can… 25.  I can almost guarantee that 25 Christmases have gone by and when December 9th rolls around I’m not in some sort a panic.  Not this year.  Christmas #26 in the life of Lauren Seiler is organized and prepared.


 With the addition of the iPhones into our lives, we found “The Christmas List” App.  This App is amazing.  It keeps track of all the gifts you’re giving out.  Its $0.99 in the App Store and I HIGHLY recommend it!

We start buying Christmas Gifts in the summer.  It may not be all the gifts, but pretty much by the end of August we have a couple of things.  Then we forget about them.  We forget where we put them.  We forget if we’ve already given them to the gift receiver.  You know the drill.

Not anymore!

You make a different list for each person who you are giving gifts to.  Then, you enter in the gift you’re going to give.  Let’s PRETEND I’m giving the Hubs a watch.  I can then take a photo with my phone (or snab it off of the website and email it to myself) and upload it to the item in the app so I know exactly which one he wanted.  Then, you update the status by saying if it was purchased, wrapped, etc. 


The best part?  You can take a photo of the gift after it’s been wrapped!  With my family we do 4 Christmases… yup… 4!  So we need gifts for us and the siblings to open over at my dad’s place, mom’s place and in-laws.  So instead of saying “Gosh, I hope this was the gift we meant to have opened at Dad’s” we KNOW it’s the correct gift!


 It also keeps track of your budget for you.  So, if you set a budget for someone and go over, it alerts you.  We try to keep our gift giving equal between my brother and sister.  Usually about a week before Christmas, we freak out because we didn’t realize that Jim has 7 gifts and Kate only 4 (but really she has 11 gifts and we just can’t find the other ones) so we go out and get more and it’s a never ending cycle that I’m pretty sure works to their advantage.  NOW, I know exactly how many presents each person has and how much I’ve spent on each person.

 PLUS, you can keep track of what stores you bought what gifts from as well, so in the future I can shop at a certain store for someone if they loved the gifts that came from there! 


This App is beyond brilliant and I seriously have never been this prepared for Christmas before!  Nick and I can share the lists with each other too, so if one of us purchases something or wraps something, we can send the list and it updates it in the other person’s App!  Or you can e-mail the lists to other family members to let them know what you have already purchased or share gift ideas.

With the exception of a few gifts (that are being shipped to the house as I type this) everything is wrapped and under our tree!


The ONLY bad thing about this is that now that all the gifts are wrapped… I want everyone to open them NOW!!  I honestly can’t wait to see the Hubs and all of my family and friends open their gifts… and they’re just sitting under the tree taunting us all!

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