Everything at the Same Time… Story of Our Life

There’s an ongoing tease in our home that whenever I clean something I make it about 1,000 times messier then when I started before it gets better. I believe we are at that stage of the cleaning and organizing project. Also, in true Seiler fashion, we have decided to do everything at the same time. Remember that one time when we were moving and buying a house as we got engaged and I was finishing my capstone for my undergrad for graduation? The stress level is about there right now. When we do things, we go for it all at once!

Not only are we going through every box, drawer and closet in our home, but we also bought new bedroom furniture over the weekend! So, although we have the ASA people coming on Saturday *squeal* we have to get EVERYTHING out of our bedroom before next Thursday so our new bedroom furniture can be delivered. Plus we have to take the current furniture out and placed in storage before our new stuff gets here! Below is a photo of the new furniture! We got an upgrade to a KING size bed that is lower for Frankie to “safely” jump on and off of, 2 dressers (an upgrade from the one we’ve been sharing), a wardrobe with mirror and 2 night stands that all match. Everything is in this beautiful cherry finish with cedar drawers and brushed silver accessories on the handles. I feel so grown up! We got everything for 60% OFF too! Gotta love a good sale at Levin’s! 



Priority wise: the bedroom will have to wait until after this weekend. Luckily, I’ve gone through my closet over New Year’s so it’s really not all that bad in there, we just need to find places for everything in the night stands, dresser and TV hutch over the next week. Plus, with the major reorganizing of the kitchen/dining room area happening on Saturday, we just can’t do much of anything yet in there.

I’m seriously excited to get started on the kitchen! I’m going to have lots of actual before and after photos to share with you after Saturday. They gave me a shopping list of things that were pretty inexpensive and I’m looking forward to see how and where we are going to be using them. Lots of little baskets and wire shelving… we’ll see what happens!

On an even more personal note: I’ve started back up on Weight Watchers. We are having a weight loss competition at work with some pretty hefty prizes that kick started it, but then came Christopher Nichter. He gushed all throughout dinner last week about how the apps on his phone were helping him and almost making choosing better choices fun. My biggest problem with WW in the past has been that I don’t have the time or the gumption to carry around all those books to see how many points sandwich A is at Applebee’s compared to sandwich B, let alone writing it all down and keeping track. With the Apps on the iPhone… it’s actually so simple I have no excuse! It logs everything, plus there’s a scanner app that allows you to scan just about ANY USP code and get the points value. INSANE! Nick totally loved that on our grocery shopping trip on Saturday.

Also, I’ve been diligent in drinking more water (there’s an app to remind you to drink water and keeps track of how many ounces you’re getting in every day!) and have been measuring my food. I have a serving size problem. I normally just can’t have 9 reduced fat wheat thins… I have to eat like half the box. But, by monitoring the points so closely, I can’t justify eating 35 wheat thins, when 9 leaves me satisfied and is only 2 points… 3 points if I have them with a wedge of Laughing Cow reduced fat creamy Swiss cheese.

So far… and granted I’ve just started week 2, my body fat is down 2.91%. I realize that most if not all of that is water weight, but it’s a step in the right direction and I’m feeling a lot better about myself. I haven’t had the time with all of the house stuff going on to go to my workout class with Kristi and the gang which makes me pretty upset. However, lugging all the boxes around my houses, bending down and getting up half a million times in a night and lifting literally every item in our home makes me feel SORE and better in the fact that at least I’m not going to work out to sit on my butt… I’m still getting a little bit of activity in.

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