Freezer Burn

 In my attempts at cleansing/organizing my life, I’ve come to the realization that I’m doing something every day on my quest.  It might not be big… it might not be huge… but things are happening!

I promised you last post that I would show you our ongoing project of a pantry/kitchen storage that’s downstairs.  Little by little duplicates and items are being transferred down here so eventually our little “stock pile” will be all filled up!  The racks were from Sam’s Club and AMAZING!  We have filled our entire garage with them and have completely changed our lives for the better!

Garage Pantry:


First 2 shelves of our little pantry!


Things are grouped together in baskets by type so we can find them easier!


Larger and lesser used kitchen items stored downstairs to free space upstairs!



Monday night I made it my mission to clean out the fridge/freezer upstairs.  DUN DUN DUN!

Here are the before photos:



Before Fridge... UGH What a Mess!


Close(r) Up of our fridge BEFORE


Now, after I took everything out, I chloroxed the crap out of the fridge.  I had planned on putting down some Press & Seal wrap on the shelves, but it wasn’t working for me.  I’ve seen it done on pinterest and like the idea if something spills you just replace the wrap, but not this time for me!

I then went through and got rid of the expired things (Ugh, how disgusting!) and combined duplicates (Nick and his salsa!).  I put our snacks in a little basket so all we have to do is reach in and grab one.  Also, we use cheese in just about every meal (Don’t worry!  It’s usually 2% or fat free!) so I placed all of that in a basket as well.  The baskets are actually going to be nice storage in there and once they’re cold they’re great, but I’m looking into getting smaller clear ones so they’re a little easier to work with in the fridge and you’re able to see everything easier.  I just haven’t been able to find them yet in a price range I like… stay tuned.

The rest is pretty straightforward.  Now granted, I’m going to the grocery tonight to restock everything… I mean come on, we basically have cheese, fat-free jello snacks and green onions in there! I’m also using this refresh as a time to only bring healthy things to eat into our home.  A large portion of tonight’s grocery run will include fresh veggies and fruits!  YUM!!

Here are the after photos:


PLENTY of room for food now!


Marinades in ONE place


0-1 Point Snacks if I'm feeling munchy 🙂


Then, I tackled the freezer while listening to the repeat of “Dance Moms.”  If you don’t watch that show… you should.  It’s On Demand for Comcast and just about as trashy as television gets.. so you know I LOVE IT!  I had the same game plan, however some things got shifted downstairs into our storage freezer.  I was amazed at how much stuff was crammed into that thing!  For one, I thought the light was busted in there… WRONG!  I just had so much stuff crammed in there it was blocking the light!  Also, we had a TON of stuff that had been opened, not sealed properly or at all and then put back so it was all freezer burned and gross.


Here is the Before Photo:


Freezer Before: Look at all that "STUFF"


Here is the After Photo:

Meats on one shelf, starches on another, veggies at the bottom!


 Last night I got to see my friend, Michelle, and her baby, Noah, for a little while.  We went to Michael’s and got a frame (much cheaper than the one they tried to sell me custom!!) that will fit the caricature that Nick and I got made of us during our trip to London when we got engaged.  My hope is to hang it in the bedroom when our new furniture comes!  AND THAT HAPPENS TOMORROW!  I can’t wait to share with all of you the transformation of that room!  WHOO HOO!  Tonight I’ll be prepping the room (AKA cleaning the carpet, wiping down the floorboards and figuring out how to undo the cable wire that’s wrapped around the room) for the delivery in the morning!

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