Asian Men Love My Husband

I’m not sure if it’s his charming smile… his John Stamos/McDreamy hair… or the way he holds his chopsticks…. But Asian men love my husband.


There is a small sushi place that we frequent in Morgantown called “Ogawa.”  It’s where we actually first fell in love with sushi.  The old owner and the chefs behind the bar would hug Nick, send over free food, put him in a head lock,  give him a back rub… it happened… and it was totally awkward… They adored him, but I always chalked it up to his friendly nature, good tipping skills and his inquisitiveness about the food.  We would sit at the bar and he would ask the chefs how they were making a certain roll, what was in this sauce or that topping and really try and talk to the sushi chefs.  We even tried to set up one on a date with my little sister!  (COME ON! FREE SUSHI FOR LIFE! LOL).

Then, they changed owners and jolly old “Douichi” was gone and a young new restaurant owner took over.  The food changed… the sauces changed… the prices changed… we were heart broken.  Douichi and Nick were total BFFs.  Everything changed so suddenly that it was hard for us to eat there for a while.  We were overly critical on the food, service, etc. 

On the Cantley/Panzer/Seiler scale of sushi restaurant rating… Ogawa has gone up quite a few notches over the past year.  Slowly, but surly, we kept going back to see the improvements. Now, the entire dining room has been remodeled with a beautiful hardwood floor, new chairs and tables and even a new sushi bar.  It looks beautiful.  We have “new” sushi rolls that we always go to when choosing what to eat… it’s back to how it was… including the enormous amount of love we get from the chefs and owners.

Now maybe it’s because we eat at “The O” (as we call it) about once a week.  Maybe it’s because we’re good tippers.  Maybe it’s because we’re always nice and patient when they’re completely slammed with a room full of customers.

We walk into the restaurant and ALL of the waiters and Sushi Chefs say the Japanese Greeting and then when they realize it’s Nick.. “OH! HELLO, NICK!!” They could care less about me… they don’t know my name.  I’m called “the wife”.  We took Kate there not too long ago, and Nick picked her up and I met them at the restaurant and when I walked in they were all confused and yelled “TWINS?!? We thought that was you!!”  … *sigh*…

They usually send over a little plate of two pieces of sushi drenched in spicy sauce for Nick.  One might be for me to share with him, but I don’t like spicy.  The past few times though, they’ve caught on and sent over something drenched in eel sauce *YUM*!  If we order to-go, they’ll put in a seaweed salad for Nick, because that’s one of his favorites.  Just little things that put the cherry on top for the Hubs.

However… last night for Valentine’s Day, they showed their true feelings for my husband.  We went and got our usual table in the back.  Ordered our typical meal.  Nick got a Love Roll (duh, it’s valentine’s day… but it’s his fav.) and another spicy roll.  I got an eel roll and a salmon nigiri.  We shared some shumai, the salads and the miso soups.

Then, the old waiter brings out a huge white box.  He said that the owner wanted to wish Nick a Happy Valentine’s Day.  It was an economy size box of the restaurant’s seaweed salad.  SHUT UP! 


The freaking guys at Ogawa got my husband the most amazing Valentine’s Day gift.  How can I compete?!

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