The Book of Mormon Musical

Having been introduced to the music by our good friends, Adam & Joe, we were desperately looking forward to humming along in our seats at this show.  I also had a pretty clear image in my head on how the choreography, sets and costumes would be and am happy to say that it really surprised me how amazing it all was!  This was the first Broadway show we bought tickets for on our Anniversary trip and were extremely excited to get them at a decent price.  We sat in the balcony only slightly off-center to the right. 

The music in it pulls from other musicals…besides all of the Lion King References… “Orlando” is an omage to “Tomorrow” from Annie.  “You and Me…But Mostly Me” is a take on “The Wizard and I” from Wicked… “All-American Prophet” has moments from “Trouble” from The Music Man….”I Believe” is a spoof of “Climb Every Mountain”… “Sal Tiay Ka SIty” is driven from “Somewhere That’s Green” and “Part of Your World”.

The musical is about  2 Mormon missionaries sent to Northern Uganda where famine, AIDS, an evil warlord and poverty outweigh the interest in religion.  One missionary (Elder Price) knows the Book of Mormon scripture well, the other… likes to make things up.  While they have trouble connecting with the locals, they realize the true understanding of their faith. 

Oh… it’s also written by the creators of South Park so it is hilarious, raunchy and completely inappropriate!  There’s a reason why children aren’t allowed in the theater!  It won 9 Tony awards including Best New Musical and it was so clear why.

While it was awesomely raunchy, the singing was phenomenal.  We actually saw it when the two main leads (Andrew Rannells and Josh Gad) were off in LA making TV pilots, and the understudy’s (NIc Rouleau and Jared Gertner)completely kicked butt!  Their voices were AMAZING!  Nikki M. James (who won the Tony for her role!) was fabulous.  Rory O’Malley as the Elder in charge in Uganda (the 3rd main male lead… “Turn It Off!”) was over-the-top and quite possibly my favorite character in the whole thing!  There was also a girl in the chorus (Who was Nikki’s understudy for sure) that could freaking BELT.  If you have the sound track, she was part of the original cast and is the female whaling at the end of just about every ensemble song… INSANE!

Over-all I can’t recommend this musical enough if you like the kind of humor South Park has.  It was not something to take your kids or.. depending on your parents… to, but it was absolutely hysterical!  I don’t want to spoil anything… because let me tell you, being shocked while your watching is half of the fun! 

I can’t wait to see it when it comes to Pittsburgh next year!  We are getting season passes for the PCLO for sure! 🙂

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