Now That It’s Public Knowledge…

It is with profound happiness and sheer delight that Nick Seiler and I can announce that a sweet Seiler baby is on the way!
— Photo taken by Nathan Morgan and edited by Becky Moore: THANK YOU BOTH!

Now that is “Facebook” official, I feel like a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders.  It has been a long and windy road to get where we are today with this pregnancy and we couldn’t be happier.  I’ve felt guilty at times at work and with friends when I haven’t been able to share what has been happening.

First of all, this first trimester has been rough.  I’ve been sick every day.  I’ll take it though!  I think I would be more concerned if I didn’t have any symptoms… as long as I’m sick, things are developing.  I am shocked that the whole office wasn’t aware when I would hurry to the bathroom 1-2 times a day… Along with the nausea, I’m not allowed to take my migraine medicine, which has been an adjustment to say the least.  I’m allowed to have Tylenol and some soda (for the caffeine), but I try to avoid that unless it gets extreme.  So if I’ve been “putting off” getting together to hang out… I want to see you, I’ve just been feeling miserable (and probably afraid I’ll blurt it out before we were ready to announce!)

Nick has been the most supportive husband and baby-daddy in the world.  I can no longer cook certain meats, as the smell is now toxic to my nose.  Sometimes I can’t deal with the trash, dishes or other “chores” as well.  He reminds me to eat the broccoli, even when I don’t want to, and is quick with a cuddle and foot rub when he sees how exhausted I am.

Speaking of exhaustion… did you know that at this point I’m pumping 50% more blood through my body?  This makes me insanely tired at the drop of a hat.  I can be totally fine one minute, and the next I need the snoogle (BTW, preggo friends… invest in the SNOOGLE… it’s the most amazeballs pregnancy pillow!).

Along with Nick, I must say that my family and friends have been major support.  To my family: I AM BEYOND SHOCKED that we were all able to keep this under wraps until now!  I’m so proud and can’t wait to have “The Nugget” visit and play with all of you!  This baby will be spoiled for sure! 🙂   To my girls: Michelle, Kelly and Emily… good grief… it’s been wonderful to be able to vent, get advice and just chat.  I love the three of your so dearly and can’t wait to continue on this journey together!

We are going to be 13 weeks tomorrow.  I can’t believe it!  We’ve known since April 27th… and I feel like although on one hand time has gone SOOOO slow to get to the point where we can tell people, it’s also gone so fast!  It’s almost the end of July for goodness sakes!  Next week we’re going to visit my family in Indiana and I cannot wait to see everyone!  Before we’re aware it will be fall and Thanksgiving and Christmas and then… New Year’s.  I can’t wait for our little New Year’s Babe!

Although we have the names “selected,” as cheesy as it sounds, we would be more than happy with HEALTHY baby of either gender.  I never understood when people said that before.  Clearly, you must have some pull one way or the other!  Now I get it.  We just want this baby to be healthy and happy.  I can see Nick being dainty with a little girl while having tea parties and practicing ballet… I can also see him having spy adventures and epic comic-book-like battles with a little boy.  No matter what, our home will be filled with laughter and fun.

Although we are overwhelmed at times of the idea of childcare, clothes, furniture, food… you get the idea… we are filled with so much joy and know that as long as we lean on each other everything will work out.

After our last ultrasound, I’ve felt more of a bond with this little baby then I ever have before.  I realize this will only get more intense as we go through the next 6 months… but it’s beautiful.  Our baby waved to us and my heart melted right there in the Ultrasound Tech room.  I have no idea what this little baby’s life is going to entail, but I already love “the Nugget” so much…

3 thoughts on “Now That It’s Public Knowledge…

  1. Lauren, it will be great to have another “major-mom” to share this journey called motherhood. You will be an awesome mom. Congrats to you and your husband. All the best in this journey that lies ahead.


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