Frankie, Please Don’t Attack the Baby…

In reference to my last blog… if you haven’t heard… we are having a BOY!  Henry Nicholas Seiler will be making his debut January 15th and we couldn’t be more excited!

One (out of a billion things) that has me concerned is how little Franklin is going to take to baby Henry.


Franklin Delano Roofsevelt



I’ve talked about him before on here, but our dog is pretty much a doggy terrorist.  **SEE **  Franklin Delano Roofsevelt is an OCD little wiener dog.  Don’t let his absolutely adorable little mug fool you.  If you come home from the grocery store and put the bags on the counter, he’ll bark at them until the counter is clear.  Let’s just say you come home from shopping and put a Hallmark bag on the floor… poor choice because Frank will be on the defense!  Want to open a car door outside our house?  Guess what… we know you’re here because the “Frankie Alarm” will sound.  If you drop ANYTHING on the floor… he will claim it as his and good luck getting it back.  Have company coming over?  You better make sure his tank is empty otherwise there will be pee EVERYWHERE.  Watch a movie or TV show where at any point either as part of the plot or as ambient background noise a dog barks… GAME OVER.

Now, he pretty much gets away with murder around here because he is so stinking cute.  He’ll cuddle up with us while we watch a movie, give you puppy kisses when you come home and plays with tons of toys with you… he truly does mean well… I think he’ll be fine with the baby… I just worry.  He does great with the kids in the neighborhood… once he stops barking!

So we’re starting to integrate things into our routine and home to start getting him accustomed to the new addition that will be arriving in T-Minus 4 months (!!).   I’ve read articles on my baby websites, blogs and there was even a half an episode of “Pregnant in Heels” devoted to the doggy vs. baby situation.


Frankie checking out the plastic tub of things we already have for Henry.


We have one plastic tub of baby items that is beginning to over flow.  We’ve started to let him sniff the items as we get them and leave the tub out, for now until the nursery room is ready, in our living room so he can get used to the tiny little shirts and stuffed animals that are “off limits.”

We’ve ordered the baby furniture and when it’s delivered in a few weeks we hope to have the nursery pretty much set up with the major items (crib, dresser, rocker, etc) so he can get used to having different things be in there and not just a guest bed.  We’ve also tried some different techniques with training to keep him from barking when people come to the door… it’s a work in process.

Tonight, we tried our latest “training.”  We purchased a small plastic baby doll from Wal-Mart.  I lightly drenched a swaddling blanket with baby powder (so he can get used to the smell) and swaddled the doll up in it.  We unpacked the car seat (Brittax B-Agile) and set that out as well.

We hung out on the couch for a while with the baby doll, calling him “Benry” (LOST fans… I know you will get the fake Henry reference!!!) and giving the doll attention, instead of Frankie.  The dog was actually pretty cool with it.  He came up and sniffed the bottom where the doll’s feet were and then kind of went about his business.  We cooed and talked a little more and he would come back and sniff and then be on his way.   **GREAT SIGN!**


Frankie sniffing out “Benry” in the car seat.


We took it to the next step and put the baby in the car seat and placed it on the ground… like we might have to at times.  At first, Frankie kind of walked up and sniffed and barked at it, but then he was ok.  He just sniffed around.  At one point (because we didn’t have the handle in the third position to keep from rocking… GOOD TO KNOW!) Frankie tried to get up in the chair to get a closer sniff of “Benry”, but when the chair would rock slightly he would get spooked.

This will have to be a work in progress, where every now and again, as silly as it may be, I make dinner while holding “Benry”, just sit on the couch and hold “Benry”, place “Benry” and the car seat randomly around the house and on the tables and when the changing table and crib come in we’ll sort of pretend to do those type of baby routines as well so Frankie can get used to it.

It may seem ridiculous, but it’s so incredibly important to us that our “first child” gets along with our ACTUAL first child!  All you puppy parents will totally understand, I’m sure!

So here goes nothing!  If you have any tips or tricks on training terrorist doggies to be better behaved with small children and just in general, let me know!

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