“Well, I know what I’ve got here…”

Feeling the little nugget kick and punch all the time now is incredible.  Sometimes I feel like he’s doing it to make a point.  Most of the time it’s just after I eat, if I’ve been moving too much and stressing him out or sitting too long in one position.  However… there are times that make me so proud and he’s not even here yet!

We went and saw “Raiders of the Lost Ark” in IMAX up in Pittsburgh on Saturday.  I’m not sure if all of you are aware, but although “Henry” is a name on both sides of our family tree… it is also the real name of Indiana Jones.  This (among other nerdy reasons) is why we chose it as the name of our little nugget.  My hopes were that Henry would somehow understand what we were seeing and why and kick at some point during a fight scene and Nick wouldn’t get kicked out of the theater for performing all the lines.

The first “punch”… and I’m talking PUNCH that I have felt in my upper belly was right when Sallah, Indy and the workers open the top of the Well of Souls.  The thunder cracked and BAM… it was like he was saying… “I’ve got a bad feeling about this!”

The Plane Fight Scene

His fight training started with the big plane fight scene.  Just about the time Indy realized the mechanic was behind him and they started fighting, Little Henry started kicking and squirming around.  Absolutely LOVE it!

On a completely other note, I adored watching Raiders on the big screen.  There were little things that Harrison Ford does that I had never noticed before when watching on our TV at home.  However, when his face is taking up the entire IMAX screen… it’s awesome.  There’s a moment after Indy drops into the Well of Souls where a snake pops up and scares him.  In the past, all I noticed was Indy backing away slowly with a look of shock.  In the IMAX, you see his bottom lip quivering and his facial expression is ridiculously amazing!  The rendering of the film was incredible, with only the wide angle shots in between the scenes not being as “sharp.”

I wish we had an IMAX closer to Morgantown, or a theater that played these old movies regularly.  It’s been a tiny dream of ours to buy The Warner Theater on High Street and turn it into the theater we always wanted in Morgantown.  Add more theaters to it, have the new movies and the old classics play… but alas.

One thought on ““Well, I know what I’ve got here…”

  1. I remember being at a NASCAR race and Alex almost knocked me down with a kick during the flyover of F-16’s. It was a great feeling, but totally took me off guard.


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