Nesting: Not Just for Birds

First of all, today is the first day since probably September where I have woken up and not been anxious about the things we have to do for the arrival of our little guy.  I think Nick was correct in his theory that once the monitor (which I really need to figure out how to use!) and the curtains were installed (thanks for the help, Dad!) I would calm down.

As of now, all major furniture and elements are in the nursery.  We’re still waiting on the side table for the rocking chair, but that should be here tomorrow.  We also need to install the dimmer, new light fixture and other artwork in the room.

We’re contemplating hanging the mobile directly from the ceiling at this point because of the width of the rails on the crib.  We can’t find a mobile arm that attaches to it!  I’ve Frankensteined one together, but it’s not as sturdy as I’d like and it just looks… odd.   However, that would mean that we need to figure out how to hang the thing from the ceiling…

We need to put the books in the bookshelf and make the superhero storage containers (which Michelle is going to help me with tomorrow), but besides those little things… I dare say the nursery is almost there!

As far as the pregnancy: my morning sickness has calmed down so it is only every now and again and not every day… Hallelujah!  My hands have swollen enough to warrant not wearing my engagement ring and wedding band, but while out shopping on Saturday with Kara, I picked up an el cheapo band set that will most likely turn my finger green, but fits my stubby finger now with room.

I am officially in full waddle mode when I walk.  WHOMP WHOMP.  My feet have swollen only slightly… I can still wear all of my shoes so far that I wear regularly.  Last week there was one night when they got REALLY bad. Painful bad.  Dare I even say it… Cankle bad!  However, by morning they were pretty much back to normal.  I feel like I’ve been very lucky in the swelling department.

Still no insane cravings.  Sorry folks, I’m boring.

I did have a huge nesting fit yesterday.  For those of you that don’t know:  towards the end of a women’s pregnancy, she gets the urge to hard core clean, organize, fold, put together and all around get things ready for the baby’s arrival.  I had my first big wave of it yesterday where the kitchen, living room and dining room got cleaned.  Seriously… you could perform surgery in those areas!  I then wrapped presents, thus disorganizing things for a while, but by the time we went to bed, things were put back together.  Everything that we have so far for gifts is wrapped and under the tree (thanks, Kate for the help!).  We’re still waiting on a few things to be delivered/picked up/purchased, but so far so good!  I love wrapping!  Want me to wrap your gifts?  Just bring them over!

Now that I feel so much more at ease about the house (although I still need to “nest” through the bathrooms, our bedroom, office and basement), I’m probably going to become more anxious about the actual labor and delivery.  Up to this point I’ve been very distracted by other things and honest to goodness have not given myself the time to focus on everything.  Yes, we took the classes and I’ve probably read waaaay too much, but the nervousness about the labor and delivery has never been (SO FAR) like my preoccupation with the cleanliness and organization of the house.

Frankie "helping" with the bookshelf!  Really, he just sniffed everything and weaved in and out of the cubes when it was on its side.

Frankie “helping” with the bookshelf! Really, he just sniffed everything and weaved in and out of the cubes when it was on its side.

Frankie, the wonder dog, has been super lovey and calm lately…it actually kinda freaks me out!  He was calm and curious when we put together the book shelf.  As I wrapped presents, he just kinda sniffed everything as I went, but never once did he tear off into another room with a spool of ribbon or bow in his mouth to destroy.  Our little puppy is growing up!  *crosses fingers*

Stay tuned for photos of the nursery!  I’ll try to get at least some up as we work our way around the room with different projects and give props to those who have helped us out 😉


T-Minus 23 Days until our Due Date!  CAN NOT WAIT to meet this little guy!

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