Bink Free… Now What?

Our Tiny Human decided that Sunday night would be the night to give up the bink.  I don’t think he understood he was making that decision.  He simply didn’t pick them up (yes, he had one for his mouth and one for his hand) before he hopped into bed.  His two-year molars have been coming in and I think he just didn’t “need” them in that moment.


Now, the Hubs and I have been trying to figure out when to tackle this bink situation.  We had decided that Spring Break would be perfect.  Nick would be off of work, so if he got up in the middle of the night, only one of us would be super exhausted.  We had it all planned out.  And then homeboy didn’t take them that night.

Parents exchanged glances and Nick pocketed the binks.  We finished out bed time routine, complete with book and goodnight kisses, turned off the light and left the room…. anticipating a full melt down.  He just feel asleep.


Monday morning he woke up around 5:15ish.  While this isn’t completely uncommon to get up that early, we could see on the video monitor he was tearing his bed apart looking for the binks.  He usually spits it out after he falls asleep and puts it under his pillow.  A few minutes later, he cried for them and Mama and Dada.

We told him they were “all gone” and, after a minute, he moved along his day like normal.  Now… we did give him binks for diaper changes… so finding an alternative “bribe” took a minute of thinking.  We now give him a little snack or his juice cup and he’s fine.  The only other time he sort of sobbed for his binks was in the car.  This was easily fixed by distracting him with singing the alphabet.
By the 3rd car trip he took, he was fine!  So fine… that he discovered there were “CARS” outside those windows!  It never occurred to me… but with the bink in his mouth to restrict his talking… and a focus on the other bink in his hand… he wasn’t SEEING the world around him when we drove.  I wish I had it on video, but he screamed “CAR!!!!” and his little arms flapped up and down like an excited muppet.  “TWO CAR!!!” “REE CAR!!!””TRUCK!!!”

He hasn’t asked for it since Tuesday, which is great progress considering we started on Sunday.  Now, I can’t guarantee that he won’t find one that he’s hidden, much like a dog with a bone, and refuse to give it up.  Or that we won’t see another child with one when we’re out and about and have a melt down…

But we are a bink free home!  Even threw them all away last night for good measure.

Now… who has some other “bribes” you can suggest? 😉

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