Who is “She?”

Hey, peep!  I’m a Director with Thirty-One Gifts, Inc. and lead a team of over 31 ladies (the irony… I know!).  I share how Thirty-One can make a huge impact in organizing your life.  From simple things like getting all of your groceries inside in one trip… to placing a pocket on your child’s bedroom wall to learn responsibility for picking out their clothes for the next day… to hooking up your bestie with an awesome gift or treating yo’ self with a new handbag or jewelry… and everything in between… I got you covered!

Screen Shot 2015-02-07 at 1.15.07 PM

I also cook a lot of freezer and freezer crock pot meals to help with our time and budget.  It’s one of my favorite things to do and you’ll find some great recipes here! Just take a gander at this yummy balsamic glazed pork with cous cous and green beans – DELISH!

balsamic glazed pork chops

I watch TV, go to the movies, read books and give you the honest 411 on what’s new and happening with the reviews I post here.

A little more about me?  I love planners I can write in, sticky notes, VH1 Diva’s Live (anything before 2004 where it starts getting a little loose on the term “Diva”), the colors grey, navy and pink, Boom Chicka Pop pop corn, citrus scented moisturizers, hand soaps and candles and anything in miniature form.   SIMPLY AMAZEBALLS!

I’m married to my high school sweet heart and we have a super adventurous 2 year-old that keeps us on our toes and ready for action.  Henry – AKA Tiny Human, Homeboy or #NoPantsSeiler


Visit my facebook page at www.Facebook.com/ThirtyWonderfulFun or shop with me at www.mythirtyone.com/Seiler.

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