Happy Mother’s Day, Super Moms!

Super Powers every Momma has:

1.) Super Human Strength- You can carry a toddler on your hip with a diaper bag and groceries up a flight of stairs to your home. If that’s not super human strength, I don’t know what is! Those heavy weight champs would have quite a competition if they were up against moms. 

2.) Mind Control- With just a glance you can have your tiny human, husband, and even your dog be on their best behavior or complete a given task for you. I’m still working on this power… It might be that it is just not be in my wheel house

3.) The Power to Steal Time- You have a house guest that wants to play with your adorable kiddo? Perfect. You whisk out of the room, take a quick bathroom break and put a load of laundry in. Then while chit chatting you can declutter the room your in, and they probably won’t even notice. A nap time session can get you a prepped dinner, clean dishes, a chance to check your e-mail, and maybe if you’re lucky even 20 minutes of trashy TV. 

3.) Super-Sonic Hearing- We can hear a quiet baby cry even though you’re in a room so loud that you can’t hear yourself think. Your super-sonic hearing kicks in best at night, if your tiny human makes so much of a whisper, you’re awakened out of a dead sleep. 

4.) Deciphering Codes- Every super mom quickly learns how to decode secret languages. Your tiny human utters a whine, and you know that he wants a drink immediately. You know from just one quick cry that your he has another burp stuck in his tummy. Everyone else thinks you’re weird, but you just know. 

5.) Amazing Healing- We’re just now really developing this power and it is AWESOME! A quick kiss on a boo boo or hug in a tantrum can solve all the world’s problems.



Comment below with more super powers!

Building a Tiny Super Hero’s Hidden Lair

All we are waiting on is our little super hero!  The nursery is complete!  We’ve gotten a lot of compliments on what we are calling “Henry’s Fortress of Solitude” so I thought I would break down everything we did and where we got things from!

When we found out we were pregnant, my hubby and I made a deal… if the baby was a girl, I could chose the décor for the nursery… which would have been Wizard of Oz, complete with blue checkered curtains, a yellow brick rug and red ribbons and shoes.  If the baby was a boy, Nick chose the décor for the nursery… which would mean a super hero’s lair.

I had no idea how we were going to pull it off.  I looked on Pintrest and found a few ideas, but I can honestly say that we were committed to making it work.  The plan was to keep most things neutral, so when you did see a bold color, it was from a super hero.  This would keep the room in balance and not be too much of a seizure inducing nightmare.

Crib, Dresser/Diaper Changing Table, Keekaroo Diaper Changing Pad, Henry Train

Crib, Dresser/Diaper Changing Table, Keekaroo Diaper Changing Pad, Henry Train

First of all the furniture is incredible.  We got the dresser (which will transform from a diaper changing table to have an extra shelf or room for a TV if we decide to go that route when he is older) and the crib (which transforms to a toddler bed and then a twin bed) from All About Kids Furniture in Pittsburgh, PA.  They were wonderful to work with, and I highly recommend them if you need kid’s furniture!  www.allaboutkidsfurniture.com.

The changing pad is a Cherry Red Keekaroo Peanut Diaper Changer.  Not only is it made out of this awesome material that can be wiped down with a wipe if/when it gets filthy, but it’s soft and has some good cushion for Henry!  Plus, it looks like a cape 😉

The Train on the top shelf is from a shop on Etsy called Vibrant Trains.  Her link is: http://www.etsy.com/people/VibrantTrains.  She was wonderful to work with and does all kinds of custom work.  The train is magnetic and DOES indeed roll, so when he’s big enough, it will be a great toy!  For now, it’s the perfect Avenger’s decoration 😉

The Gotham City Skyline Wall Decal

The Gotham City Skyline Wall Decal

The Batman Gotham city skyline came from another Etsy shop: http://www.etsy.com/people/lucassj.  This was originally going to go much lower on top of a baseboard, so Henry could either save or destroy Gotham as he pleased, but we were warned that it is a choking hazard until he gets bigger.  Wouldn’t want him to pick a little off the wall!  So it will stay up above the changing area (with Batman guarding) until he is older.

Super Hero Mobile!  Featuring Batman, Spiderman, Thor, Captain America and Cyclops

Super Hero Mobile! Featuring Batman, Spiderman, Thor, Captain America and Cyclops

The Mobile, which is hung from the ceiling light from Ikea, came from yet another Etsy shop: http://www.etsy.com/people/dropsofcolorshop.  She also does custom work.  The mobile we saw in her shop had a few different super heroes and she was able to switch them out to the ones we wanted!  Ours includes Spiderman, Batman, Cyclops, Thor and Captain America.  I will say that our crib’s railings were all WAY too wide, making finding a mobile arm extremely hard.  After trying several times to Frankenstein different mobiles together, we gave up and just hung it from the ceiling light… which actually looks pretty cool in my opinion!

Spiderman wall decal

Spiderman wall decal

The Spiderman sticker is another Pottery Barn find.  Nick picked this one out and I have to be honest… I was not fond of it when he purchased it!  I tried to reserve too much judgment until it was up on the wall.  I was afraid it would look way too menacing, but the muted colors make it work.  Plus, he hung it from the vent… how adorable is he?  It really looks like it’s painted, but it’s just a big wall sticker.

Crib, X-Men Photo, mobile, Book Case and Shield

Crib, X-Men Photo, mobile, Book Case and Shield

Captain America’s Shield on the wall is actually one from Nick’s Halloween costume last year!

X-Men babies:  Featuring (from left to right)Shadowcat, Colossus, Wolverine, Cyclops, Nightcrawler, Rogue, Storm

X-Men babies: Featuring (from left to right)
Shadowcat, Colossus, Wolverine, Cyclops, Nightcrawler, Rogue, Storm

The photo above the crib is one Nick found of the X-Men Babies.  We found it, resized it and had it printed by an online store on canvas.  I think it looks pretty fun and Nick loves that his X-Men are front and center in the room!

Bookcase with Super Hero bins

Bookcase with Super Hero bins

The books case is a Closet Maid case.  We created the storage, but getting the colorful Closet Maid bins and then cutting out felt based on the logos and hot gluing them onto the bin!  Make sure you have a pen knife… it’s hard to cut the detail in say the superman logo with normal scissors 😉



The curtains came from Pottery Barn for Kids.  They are blackout, but the color is bright enough for this baby’s room.  I LOVE THEM!  And we got them on super sale… so what’s not to love more?!  The chair is being covered right now by Nick’s Batman Snuggie that he got for Christmas… we have such cute and homemade blankets that will be the actual blankets, don’t worry mommas!

The Telephone Booth closet door is something I went back and forth on about 80 times.  I was afraid it would be too much red in the room.  I was afraid it was just a little too nerdy.  I was just afraid of doing something THAT drastic.  Everything else in the room could be taken down, removed or totally scrapped.  We screw up this big closet door… and UH OH!

Painted closet door with the blue "Windows"

Painted closet door with the blue “Windows”

First we painted the “windows” a blue a little bit off from the wall color blue.

Painted door with the red for the booth

Painted door with the red for the booth

Then we went back and painted the “booth” a muted red.  It’s a similar color to the dark red in the  Spiderman wall decal and the red star finials on the curtains, so there’s a little bit of cohesion happening.

The finished telephone booth!

The finished telephone booth!

Get it?  Just like superman... it's where his change of clothes will happen!  I can't wait until he's old enough to go inside (of course the storage at bottom won't need to be there) and change into his cape and bust out to fight crime!

Get it? Just like superman… it’s where his change of clothes will happen! I can’t wait until he’s old enough to go inside (of course the storage at bottom won’t need to be there) and change into his cape and bust out to fight crime!

We then hung it back up in the bedroom and scouted for the perfect Telephone sign.  We finally found one on Ebay!  We attached it with some heavy duty Command Velcro picture hanging strips.

And here are a couple photos of us in the room now that it is all complete!

The nursery is complete!  And it's a good thing too!  I'm 39 weeks and 2 Days pregnant when this photo was taken yesterday!

The nursery is complete! And it’s a good thing too! I’m 39 weeks and 2 Days pregnant when this photo was taken yesterday!


The happy couple in the nursery! All we need is Henry!
Now that I look at the shirts we’re wearing… could we BE any nerdier?!

We’re hoping that when Henry gets here (ANY DAY NOW!) he will love his nursery!  A BIG thanks to all of our family and friends for their help (both physical and emotional) for making this nursery happen!


Nesting: Not Just for Birds

First of all, today is the first day since probably September where I have woken up and not been anxious about the things we have to do for the arrival of our little guy.  I think Nick was correct in his theory that once the monitor (which I really need to figure out how to use!) and the curtains were installed (thanks for the help, Dad!) I would calm down.

As of now, all major furniture and elements are in the nursery.  We’re still waiting on the side table for the rocking chair, but that should be here tomorrow.  We also need to install the dimmer, new light fixture and other artwork in the room.

We’re contemplating hanging the mobile directly from the ceiling at this point because of the width of the rails on the crib.  We can’t find a mobile arm that attaches to it!  I’ve Frankensteined one together, but it’s not as sturdy as I’d like and it just looks… odd.   However, that would mean that we need to figure out how to hang the thing from the ceiling…

We need to put the books in the bookshelf and make the superhero storage containers (which Michelle is going to help me with tomorrow), but besides those little things… I dare say the nursery is almost there!

As far as the pregnancy: my morning sickness has calmed down so it is only every now and again and not every day… Hallelujah!  My hands have swollen enough to warrant not wearing my engagement ring and wedding band, but while out shopping on Saturday with Kara, I picked up an el cheapo band set that will most likely turn my finger green, but fits my stubby finger now with room.

I am officially in full waddle mode when I walk.  WHOMP WHOMP.  My feet have swollen only slightly… I can still wear all of my shoes so far that I wear regularly.  Last week there was one night when they got REALLY bad. Painful bad.  Dare I even say it… Cankle bad!  However, by morning they were pretty much back to normal.  I feel like I’ve been very lucky in the swelling department.

Still no insane cravings.  Sorry folks, I’m boring.

I did have a huge nesting fit yesterday.  For those of you that don’t know:  towards the end of a women’s pregnancy, she gets the urge to hard core clean, organize, fold, put together and all around get things ready for the baby’s arrival.  I had my first big wave of it yesterday where the kitchen, living room and dining room got cleaned.  Seriously… you could perform surgery in those areas!  I then wrapped presents, thus disorganizing things for a while, but by the time we went to bed, things were put back together.  Everything that we have so far for gifts is wrapped and under the tree (thanks, Kate for the help!).  We’re still waiting on a few things to be delivered/picked up/purchased, but so far so good!  I love wrapping!  Want me to wrap your gifts?  Just bring them over!

Now that I feel so much more at ease about the house (although I still need to “nest” through the bathrooms, our bedroom, office and basement), I’m probably going to become more anxious about the actual labor and delivery.  Up to this point I’ve been very distracted by other things and honest to goodness have not given myself the time to focus on everything.  Yes, we took the classes and I’ve probably read waaaay too much, but the nervousness about the labor and delivery has never been (SO FAR) like my preoccupation with the cleanliness and organization of the house.

Frankie "helping" with the bookshelf!  Really, he just sniffed everything and weaved in and out of the cubes when it was on its side.

Frankie “helping” with the bookshelf! Really, he just sniffed everything and weaved in and out of the cubes when it was on its side.

Frankie, the wonder dog, has been super lovey and calm lately…it actually kinda freaks me out!  He was calm and curious when we put together the book shelf.  As I wrapped presents, he just kinda sniffed everything as I went, but never once did he tear off into another room with a spool of ribbon or bow in his mouth to destroy.  Our little puppy is growing up!  *crosses fingers*

Stay tuned for photos of the nursery!  I’ll try to get at least some up as we work our way around the room with different projects and give props to those who have helped us out 😉


T-Minus 23 Days until our Due Date!  CAN NOT WAIT to meet this little guy!

“Well, I know what I’ve got here…”

Feeling the little nugget kick and punch all the time now is incredible.  Sometimes I feel like he’s doing it to make a point.  Most of the time it’s just after I eat, if I’ve been moving too much and stressing him out or sitting too long in one position.  However… there are times that make me so proud and he’s not even here yet!

We went and saw “Raiders of the Lost Ark” in IMAX up in Pittsburgh on Saturday.  I’m not sure if all of you are aware, but although “Henry” is a name on both sides of our family tree… it is also the real name of Indiana Jones.  This (among other nerdy reasons) is why we chose it as the name of our little nugget.  My hopes were that Henry would somehow understand what we were seeing and why and kick at some point during a fight scene and Nick wouldn’t get kicked out of the theater for performing all the lines.

The first “punch”… and I’m talking PUNCH that I have felt in my upper belly was right when Sallah, Indy and the workers open the top of the Well of Souls.  The thunder cracked and BAM… it was like he was saying… “I’ve got a bad feeling about this!”

The Plane Fight Scene

His fight training started with the big plane fight scene.  Just about the time Indy realized the mechanic was behind him and they started fighting, Little Henry started kicking and squirming around.  Absolutely LOVE it!

On a completely other note, I adored watching Raiders on the big screen.  There were little things that Harrison Ford does that I had never noticed before when watching on our TV at home.  However, when his face is taking up the entire IMAX screen… it’s awesome.  There’s a moment after Indy drops into the Well of Souls where a snake pops up and scares him.  In the past, all I noticed was Indy backing away slowly with a look of shock.  In the IMAX, you see his bottom lip quivering and his facial expression is ridiculously amazing!  The rendering of the film was incredible, with only the wide angle shots in between the scenes not being as “sharp.”

I wish we had an IMAX closer to Morgantown, or a theater that played these old movies regularly.  It’s been a tiny dream of ours to buy The Warner Theater on High Street and turn it into the theater we always wanted in Morgantown.  Add more theaters to it, have the new movies and the old classics play… but alas.

Frankie, Please Don’t Attack the Baby…

In reference to my last blog… if you haven’t heard… we are having a BOY!  Henry Nicholas Seiler will be making his debut January 15th and we couldn’t be more excited!

One (out of a billion things) that has me concerned is how little Franklin is going to take to baby Henry.


Franklin Delano Roofsevelt



I’ve talked about him before on here, but our dog is pretty much a doggy terrorist.  **SEE https://wshesaid.wordpress.com/2011/04/11/bow-wow-ow/ **  Franklin Delano Roofsevelt is an OCD little wiener dog.  Don’t let his absolutely adorable little mug fool you.  If you come home from the grocery store and put the bags on the counter, he’ll bark at them until the counter is clear.  Let’s just say you come home from shopping and put a Hallmark bag on the floor… poor choice because Frank will be on the defense!  Want to open a car door outside our house?  Guess what… we know you’re here because the “Frankie Alarm” will sound.  If you drop ANYTHING on the floor… he will claim it as his and good luck getting it back.  Have company coming over?  You better make sure his tank is empty otherwise there will be pee EVERYWHERE.  Watch a movie or TV show where at any point either as part of the plot or as ambient background noise a dog barks… GAME OVER.

Now, he pretty much gets away with murder around here because he is so stinking cute.  He’ll cuddle up with us while we watch a movie, give you puppy kisses when you come home and plays with tons of toys with you… he truly does mean well… I think he’ll be fine with the baby… I just worry.  He does great with the kids in the neighborhood… once he stops barking!

So we’re starting to integrate things into our routine and home to start getting him accustomed to the new addition that will be arriving in T-Minus 4 months (!!).   I’ve read articles on my baby websites, blogs and there was even a half an episode of “Pregnant in Heels” devoted to the doggy vs. baby situation.


Frankie checking out the plastic tub of things we already have for Henry.


We have one plastic tub of baby items that is beginning to over flow.  We’ve started to let him sniff the items as we get them and leave the tub out, for now until the nursery room is ready, in our living room so he can get used to the tiny little shirts and stuffed animals that are “off limits.”

We’ve ordered the baby furniture and when it’s delivered in a few weeks we hope to have the nursery pretty much set up with the major items (crib, dresser, rocker, etc) so he can get used to having different things be in there and not just a guest bed.  We’ve also tried some different techniques with training to keep him from barking when people come to the door… it’s a work in process.

Tonight, we tried our latest “training.”  We purchased a small plastic baby doll from Wal-Mart.  I lightly drenched a swaddling blanket with baby powder (so he can get used to the smell) and swaddled the doll up in it.  We unpacked the car seat (Brittax B-Agile) and set that out as well.

We hung out on the couch for a while with the baby doll, calling him “Benry” (LOST fans… I know you will get the fake Henry reference!!!) and giving the doll attention, instead of Frankie.  The dog was actually pretty cool with it.  He came up and sniffed the bottom where the doll’s feet were and then kind of went about his business.  We cooed and talked a little more and he would come back and sniff and then be on his way.   **GREAT SIGN!**


Frankie sniffing out “Benry” in the car seat.


We took it to the next step and put the baby in the car seat and placed it on the ground… like we might have to at times.  At first, Frankie kind of walked up and sniffed and barked at it, but then he was ok.  He just sniffed around.  At one point (because we didn’t have the handle in the third position to keep from rocking… GOOD TO KNOW!) Frankie tried to get up in the chair to get a closer sniff of “Benry”, but when the chair would rock slightly he would get spooked.

This will have to be a work in progress, where every now and again, as silly as it may be, I make dinner while holding “Benry”, just sit on the couch and hold “Benry”, place “Benry” and the car seat randomly around the house and on the tables and when the changing table and crib come in we’ll sort of pretend to do those type of baby routines as well so Frankie can get used to it.

It may seem ridiculous, but it’s so incredibly important to us that our “first child” gets along with our ACTUAL first child!  All you puppy parents will totally understand, I’m sure!

So here goes nothing!  If you have any tips or tricks on training terrorist doggies to be better behaved with small children and just in general, let me know!