No Chemical Oven Cleaning 101 – Specifically for Non- Danny Tanner Level Clean Peeps

I’ve been baking these at home egg muffin thingies for breakfast (Recipe will be Upcoming!).  They are a great alternative for a healthy breakfast and I love that I can make them at the beginning of the week, put them in some ziplock and I’m ready for the week!  However… I overfilled my muffin tin with ingredients and things spilled in the oven… It happens… no big deal… a fire alarm may have gone off with all the smoke… that’s normal, right?!


Now, I LOATHE cleaning… specially scrubbing, but no matter how much I scrubbed with an oven cleaner, the stuff was not coming off and when I used the traditional store bought oven cleaner iit reaked to high heaven.

So… I got creative!  I remembered reading that lemon, baking soda and vinegar were a fantastic natural cleaner, so I got to mixing!  I added the Dawn to help cut through the grease and the Essential Oil because I have just discovered their “powers” and wanted to see what it would do!


I created a “runny paste” of:
A Few Drops of Dawn Dish Soap
4 T Baking Soda
5 T Vinegar
Juice of a Lemon
A Few Drops of Lemon Essential Oils (I used Doterra)

Tiny plug for Pampered Chef: If you don’t have their citrus press, you need to contact your rep and get one ASAP!  This sucker gets ALL of the juice out of your fruit without any pulp/seeds/mess.  If you want more of a paste in this recipe, use half a lemon, or don’t use your press 😉  I’m telling you, it gets ALL the juice out!


Now… be careful when you combine this!  If you aren’t careful about SLOWLY pouring in the lemon/vinegar to the baking soda, you will end up with your very own in-home 5th grade science experiment like I did… WHOMP WHOMP


Next, you spread the mixture (I used a scotch pad to scrub just a scoach and get it all in there!) all over your oven, with extra “scoops” on your trouble areas.  Don’t forget the sides, back, and window!  Then close your oven and walk away!


It smells fantastic with all of the lemon… just go and do something else!  I put the mixture on around 5:45 and then went back around 10 (honestly, I meant to come back earlier, ,but I completely forgot!).

I used the scotch pad when I came back to it (again… smelled freaking amazing) and was SHOCKED at how easily things were coming off!  It was like one of those infomercials where they just swipe a paper towel and it all comes off!  Now, of course I had to use some extra oomph and “elbow grease” on a few spots, but considering I couldn’t even get things to lift using traditional oven cleaner – this is a MAJOR win!  Then you wipe it all down with a kitchen cloth (Hello, Norwex, peeps!) or some paper towels!  DONE.

Check out how my oven looks now!  I feel like we just moved in!  It has NEVER looked this good!  I want to bottle this stuff just to have on hand for crazy hard messes!


Do you have an all natural cleaning product or mixture you use to cut through messes like this?  Share in the comments!