Building a Tiny Super Hero’s Hidden Lair

All we are waiting on is our little super hero!  The nursery is complete!  We’ve gotten a lot of compliments on what we are calling “Henry’s Fortress of Solitude” so I thought I would break down everything we did and where we got things from!

When we found out we were pregnant, my hubby and I made a deal… if the baby was a girl, I could chose the décor for the nursery… which would have been Wizard of Oz, complete with blue checkered curtains, a yellow brick rug and red ribbons and shoes.  If the baby was a boy, Nick chose the décor for the nursery… which would mean a super hero’s lair.

I had no idea how we were going to pull it off.  I looked on Pintrest and found a few ideas, but I can honestly say that we were committed to making it work.  The plan was to keep most things neutral, so when you did see a bold color, it was from a super hero.  This would keep the room in balance and not be too much of a seizure inducing nightmare.

Crib, Dresser/Diaper Changing Table, Keekaroo Diaper Changing Pad, Henry Train

Crib, Dresser/Diaper Changing Table, Keekaroo Diaper Changing Pad, Henry Train

First of all the furniture is incredible.  We got the dresser (which will transform from a diaper changing table to have an extra shelf or room for a TV if we decide to go that route when he is older) and the crib (which transforms to a toddler bed and then a twin bed) from All About Kids Furniture in Pittsburgh, PA.  They were wonderful to work with, and I highly recommend them if you need kid’s furniture!

The changing pad is a Cherry Red Keekaroo Peanut Diaper Changer.  Not only is it made out of this awesome material that can be wiped down with a wipe if/when it gets filthy, but it’s soft and has some good cushion for Henry!  Plus, it looks like a cape 😉

The Train on the top shelf is from a shop on Etsy called Vibrant Trains.  Her link is:  She was wonderful to work with and does all kinds of custom work.  The train is magnetic and DOES indeed roll, so when he’s big enough, it will be a great toy!  For now, it’s the perfect Avenger’s decoration 😉

The Gotham City Skyline Wall Decal

The Gotham City Skyline Wall Decal

The Batman Gotham city skyline came from another Etsy shop:  This was originally going to go much lower on top of a baseboard, so Henry could either save or destroy Gotham as he pleased, but we were warned that it is a choking hazard until he gets bigger.  Wouldn’t want him to pick a little off the wall!  So it will stay up above the changing area (with Batman guarding) until he is older.

Super Hero Mobile!  Featuring Batman, Spiderman, Thor, Captain America and Cyclops

Super Hero Mobile! Featuring Batman, Spiderman, Thor, Captain America and Cyclops

The Mobile, which is hung from the ceiling light from Ikea, came from yet another Etsy shop:  She also does custom work.  The mobile we saw in her shop had a few different super heroes and she was able to switch them out to the ones we wanted!  Ours includes Spiderman, Batman, Cyclops, Thor and Captain America.  I will say that our crib’s railings were all WAY too wide, making finding a mobile arm extremely hard.  After trying several times to Frankenstein different mobiles together, we gave up and just hung it from the ceiling light… which actually looks pretty cool in my opinion!

Spiderman wall decal

Spiderman wall decal

The Spiderman sticker is another Pottery Barn find.  Nick picked this one out and I have to be honest… I was not fond of it when he purchased it!  I tried to reserve too much judgment until it was up on the wall.  I was afraid it would look way too menacing, but the muted colors make it work.  Plus, he hung it from the vent… how adorable is he?  It really looks like it’s painted, but it’s just a big wall sticker.

Crib, X-Men Photo, mobile, Book Case and Shield

Crib, X-Men Photo, mobile, Book Case and Shield

Captain America’s Shield on the wall is actually one from Nick’s Halloween costume last year!

X-Men babies:  Featuring (from left to right)Shadowcat, Colossus, Wolverine, Cyclops, Nightcrawler, Rogue, Storm

X-Men babies: Featuring (from left to right)
Shadowcat, Colossus, Wolverine, Cyclops, Nightcrawler, Rogue, Storm

The photo above the crib is one Nick found of the X-Men Babies.  We found it, resized it and had it printed by an online store on canvas.  I think it looks pretty fun and Nick loves that his X-Men are front and center in the room!

Bookcase with Super Hero bins

Bookcase with Super Hero bins

The books case is a Closet Maid case.  We created the storage, but getting the colorful Closet Maid bins and then cutting out felt based on the logos and hot gluing them onto the bin!  Make sure you have a pen knife… it’s hard to cut the detail in say the superman logo with normal scissors 😉



The curtains came from Pottery Barn for Kids.  They are blackout, but the color is bright enough for this baby’s room.  I LOVE THEM!  And we got them on super sale… so what’s not to love more?!  The chair is being covered right now by Nick’s Batman Snuggie that he got for Christmas… we have such cute and homemade blankets that will be the actual blankets, don’t worry mommas!

The Telephone Booth closet door is something I went back and forth on about 80 times.  I was afraid it would be too much red in the room.  I was afraid it was just a little too nerdy.  I was just afraid of doing something THAT drastic.  Everything else in the room could be taken down, removed or totally scrapped.  We screw up this big closet door… and UH OH!

Painted closet door with the blue "Windows"

Painted closet door with the blue “Windows”

First we painted the “windows” a blue a little bit off from the wall color blue.

Painted door with the red for the booth

Painted door with the red for the booth

Then we went back and painted the “booth” a muted red.  It’s a similar color to the dark red in the  Spiderman wall decal and the red star finials on the curtains, so there’s a little bit of cohesion happening.

The finished telephone booth!

The finished telephone booth!

Get it?  Just like superman... it's where his change of clothes will happen!  I can't wait until he's old enough to go inside (of course the storage at bottom won't need to be there) and change into his cape and bust out to fight crime!

Get it? Just like superman… it’s where his change of clothes will happen! I can’t wait until he’s old enough to go inside (of course the storage at bottom won’t need to be there) and change into his cape and bust out to fight crime!

We then hung it back up in the bedroom and scouted for the perfect Telephone sign.  We finally found one on Ebay!  We attached it with some heavy duty Command Velcro picture hanging strips.

And here are a couple photos of us in the room now that it is all complete!

The nursery is complete!  And it's a good thing too!  I'm 39 weeks and 2 Days pregnant when this photo was taken yesterday!

The nursery is complete! And it’s a good thing too! I’m 39 weeks and 2 Days pregnant when this photo was taken yesterday!


The happy couple in the nursery! All we need is Henry!
Now that I look at the shirts we’re wearing… could we BE any nerdier?!

We’re hoping that when Henry gets here (ANY DAY NOW!) he will love his nursery!  A BIG thanks to all of our family and friends for their help (both physical and emotional) for making this nursery happen!


Nesting: Not Just for Birds

First of all, today is the first day since probably September where I have woken up and not been anxious about the things we have to do for the arrival of our little guy.  I think Nick was correct in his theory that once the monitor (which I really need to figure out how to use!) and the curtains were installed (thanks for the help, Dad!) I would calm down.

As of now, all major furniture and elements are in the nursery.  We’re still waiting on the side table for the rocking chair, but that should be here tomorrow.  We also need to install the dimmer, new light fixture and other artwork in the room.

We’re contemplating hanging the mobile directly from the ceiling at this point because of the width of the rails on the crib.  We can’t find a mobile arm that attaches to it!  I’ve Frankensteined one together, but it’s not as sturdy as I’d like and it just looks… odd.   However, that would mean that we need to figure out how to hang the thing from the ceiling…

We need to put the books in the bookshelf and make the superhero storage containers (which Michelle is going to help me with tomorrow), but besides those little things… I dare say the nursery is almost there!

As far as the pregnancy: my morning sickness has calmed down so it is only every now and again and not every day… Hallelujah!  My hands have swollen enough to warrant not wearing my engagement ring and wedding band, but while out shopping on Saturday with Kara, I picked up an el cheapo band set that will most likely turn my finger green, but fits my stubby finger now with room.

I am officially in full waddle mode when I walk.  WHOMP WHOMP.  My feet have swollen only slightly… I can still wear all of my shoes so far that I wear regularly.  Last week there was one night when they got REALLY bad. Painful bad.  Dare I even say it… Cankle bad!  However, by morning they were pretty much back to normal.  I feel like I’ve been very lucky in the swelling department.

Still no insane cravings.  Sorry folks, I’m boring.

I did have a huge nesting fit yesterday.  For those of you that don’t know:  towards the end of a women’s pregnancy, she gets the urge to hard core clean, organize, fold, put together and all around get things ready for the baby’s arrival.  I had my first big wave of it yesterday where the kitchen, living room and dining room got cleaned.  Seriously… you could perform surgery in those areas!  I then wrapped presents, thus disorganizing things for a while, but by the time we went to bed, things were put back together.  Everything that we have so far for gifts is wrapped and under the tree (thanks, Kate for the help!).  We’re still waiting on a few things to be delivered/picked up/purchased, but so far so good!  I love wrapping!  Want me to wrap your gifts?  Just bring them over!

Now that I feel so much more at ease about the house (although I still need to “nest” through the bathrooms, our bedroom, office and basement), I’m probably going to become more anxious about the actual labor and delivery.  Up to this point I’ve been very distracted by other things and honest to goodness have not given myself the time to focus on everything.  Yes, we took the classes and I’ve probably read waaaay too much, but the nervousness about the labor and delivery has never been (SO FAR) like my preoccupation with the cleanliness and organization of the house.

Frankie "helping" with the bookshelf!  Really, he just sniffed everything and weaved in and out of the cubes when it was on its side.

Frankie “helping” with the bookshelf! Really, he just sniffed everything and weaved in and out of the cubes when it was on its side.

Frankie, the wonder dog, has been super lovey and calm lately…it actually kinda freaks me out!  He was calm and curious when we put together the book shelf.  As I wrapped presents, he just kinda sniffed everything as I went, but never once did he tear off into another room with a spool of ribbon or bow in his mouth to destroy.  Our little puppy is growing up!  *crosses fingers*

Stay tuned for photos of the nursery!  I’ll try to get at least some up as we work our way around the room with different projects and give props to those who have helped us out 😉


T-Minus 23 Days until our Due Date!  CAN NOT WAIT to meet this little guy!

6 Things

Hello “What she said” followers! It’s been a little while so I thought I’d fill you in on 6 happenings and thoughts as of late.

#1. I’ve discovered that no matter what mood I’m in or what is going on or trying to be done… anytime the following movies are being shown on TV my world stops and I must watch them.

Sister Act
Any Muppets Movie
Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit
Get Over It 
The Devil Wears Prada
Toy Story
Kill Bill
Indiana Jones
The Wizard of Oz
A League of Their Own

#2. I’ve pretty much kicked my addiction to soda. I’ve only had a few over the past 3 weeks (I can probably count on ONE hand!), and even then it’s only ONE diet, no refills… and to be honest I don’t want the refills. The water has done wonders for me I think and I’m starting to feel better. I’ve been trying to walk more. When I can, I walk during lunch with some people from work and have met friends on the Rail Trail a few times as well. I need to make more of an effort on this, but at least it’s something instead of the nothing I have been doing. I’m very seriously considering doing the Shape Up Show Down… it’s just a matter of time. Weight Watchers has been going OK. I’ve stalled and I think it’s because I lost quite a bit before I started to go to the meetings, so while I’m doing everything right, I’ve been doing it through the online stuff for a while as well. It’s getting me a little frustrated, but a little more effort and I think I can get over the hump and down to my goal. So that’s 3 things I’m doing to get myself on track… we’re getting there!

#3. We have completed another major organizing sprint and now the time has come to put what we have learned from “All Squared Away” to good use. Our kitchen, basement, guest room and office all have been completely reorganized and now it’s up to us to see if the new systems are working. My goal over the next few weeks is to do some MAJOR spring cleaning now that we can actually get to shelves, baseboards, etc. I’m excited… in a Danny Tanner kind of way about it. We have a LOT of boxes and bags of things to be donated and even though our basement is filled with even MORE things for our big neighborhood garage sale in May, we might just donate the majority of that as well.  I hate having it all piled up downstairs…

#4. Our beloved rascal of a wiener dog, Frankie… between being sick one minute and getting into trouble the next he’s kept us on our toes! He’s been super cuddly and snuggly as of late which I am totally loving. Last night, for the first time in recent history, he didn’t sleep on top of my head or back when we went to bed. Of course his head was on my stomach and his butt was on Nick’s… making it kind of messed up hot-dog situation. He has finally started to figure out he has more space in this new King bed!

#5. I’m mucho excited for the Hunger Games premeire in a week and a half.  I’ve adored the books since I read them last May.  I re-read them in a fairly rythmic pattern and listen to the audio version everyday at work while I stuff envelopes or combine materials… it’s quite disturbing probably how many time’s I’ve gone through the series… I hope the movie doesn’t dissapoint, but from every still shot and scene I’ve gotten to look at, it’s pretty much exactly how I envisioned it when I read it the first time. So, may the odds be ever in your favor! And if you haven’t read The Hunger Games yet… you have time.. once you start, you won’t be able to put it down… gauranteed…

#6. It is officially 6 days until the 3 year anniversary of when Nick proposed to me in London, 14 days until our 2 year anniversary and 20 days until Nick and I are on our way to NYC to celebrate, eat good food, get into trouble and see Book of Mormon, Anything Goes, The Best Man and Death of a Salesman on Broadway. Clearly I’m not excited or anything.

Organizing the Kitchen Part 1: “We Have 8 Boxes of Brown Sugar?!”

Julie from All Squared Away come over on Saturday and let me tell you… I have never felt so good about the decision we made to hire this company!!

Also, before we go any further, I have to give mad crazy props to my Husband.  He is playing along with this whole project and is such a good sport!

We started out by taking everything out of our Tupperware cabinet.  Now, it had bowls, platters, strainers, baking things and LOADS of Tupperware.  We were able to pare it down to the essentials and extras that we needed.  Taking the rest to be relocated either downstairs or to be sold/donated.

BEFORE Tupperware Cabinet

AFTER Tupperware Cabinet

Then we went through the dreaded “Hodge Podge” cabinet.  This is a catch all for things like Lunch bags, bake ware, flower vases, etc.  We got everything out and found all of my baking essentials and put them in instead.  This way, when I want to have Kate over to help me bake things… we just pull out the basket and start! 

BEFORE Hodge Podge Cabinet

AFTER New Baking Cabinet

This brings me to the first major “Ah-Ha” moment of the experience.  Since our cabinets were so cluttered and scattered, I would never know what ingredients I had.  So, I would go to the grocery store and get say another container of Vanilla, just be sure.  Low and behold, I had multiples upon multiples of MANY baking items!  8 boxes of Brown Sugar!  8!!  What the heck?!

So, we took the extras downstairs to our NEW pantry… photos to come on tomorrow’s blog so stay tuned!… and put the rest with coordinating items underneath.  LOVE IT!

Next up was the spice situation.  Again, we had multiples of MANY things.  I mean, I know that I like the “Smokehouse Maple” spice and Nick likes the “Spicy Montreal” spice… but we had 5 of each!  CRAZY!  So we put the extras downstairs.  Then, we grouped together like spices, so all the salts and peppers are in one tiny basket and rubs and actual seasonings are in another in a different basket.  GENIUS!


BEFORE Spice Cabinet


AFTER Spice Cabinet

Then… we hit the mother lode of food.  We don’t have to buy dry ingredients for a WHILE!  Evidently we had a stockpile under our noses this whole time!  We found boxes and boxes of brown rice (YUM! OUR FAV!), whole wheat pasta, soups and more!  WHO KNEW?!  So, we grouped together those like items together.  These corner cabinets were seriously PACKED with all kinds of things and there was no order to anything.  So while I would look in the upper cabinet and find no brown rice, there would be 3 boxes buried down below!


BEFORE Lower Food Cabinet


AFTER Lower Food Cabinet

We put the baskets in at an angle as well, so we can easily pull them to the edge or completely out and onto the counter depending on what we need.  This is going to make everything SO much easier!


BEFORE Upper Food Cabinet


AFTER Upper Food Cabinet

Then, Nick hit the dishes/bowls cabinet.  We took out the sushi plates and put them in the pie safe and divided it up into bowls and plates.  The little shelves are great for those mini plates and allow us to not have to pick up everything in order to get to what’s underneath!


BEFORE Dishes and Bowls Cabinet (had all those sushi plates and everything op top of eachother!)


AFTER Dishes and Bowls Cabinet

The pots and pans are still a work in progress.  We need to find something better for the lids, but for now .this is better than what we had!  Although we’re still using the pot protectors, we also are using a pot rack in the back.  This doubled up on the space we could use down there.


BEFORE Pots & Pans


AFTER Pots & Pans

The Pie Safe was kind of a catch all as well.  And to be honest, this before photo is really a post we got stuff out of there but before Julie came before photo LOL.  We took a lot of the appliances downstairs to store.  I don’t mind walking downstairs to get the ice cream maker or the slow cooker if it means I can actually get to things!  HOORAY!  Plus, now we have a specific place for our sushi plates!



AFTER Pie Safe

The biggest thing I can take away from the adventure on Saturday is to continue to clean as you go and put like things together!  This way you always know what you have.  (Like 8 boxes of brown sugar!)

We didn’t get to the glasses cabinet, fridge, countertops or any of the drawers really, but those will be coming over the next few days as I go through them now that I have a game plan and area to actually store things!

BEYOND EXCITED, PEOPLE!  I’m headed to Wal-Mart after work today to get more of those little baskets.  If you want to try this at your home: they are Mainstays Baskets and come in all different sizes.  They are relatively inexpensive and work WONDERS!  I’m sure after a while I’ll want to change them out to something more “homey” or “decorative” or whatever, but for now… they are AWESOME… and don’t even have super awesome labels on them yet!

Side Note: We are finding A LOT of things that we no longer want/need as we go through this process.  I will be creating either a page on this blog or a group on Facebook so I can post photos or make lists of items and you can call dibs on what you want!  Furniture for the bedroom comes on Thursday, so this week there will be many posts as we get things set up!  My goal is to have the Kitchen and Bedroom completely done by Saturday! WHOO HOO!

Everything at the Same Time… Story of Our Life

There’s an ongoing tease in our home that whenever I clean something I make it about 1,000 times messier then when I started before it gets better. I believe we are at that stage of the cleaning and organizing project. Also, in true Seiler fashion, we have decided to do everything at the same time. Remember that one time when we were moving and buying a house as we got engaged and I was finishing my capstone for my undergrad for graduation? The stress level is about there right now. When we do things, we go for it all at once!

Not only are we going through every box, drawer and closet in our home, but we also bought new bedroom furniture over the weekend! So, although we have the ASA people coming on Saturday *squeal* we have to get EVERYTHING out of our bedroom before next Thursday so our new bedroom furniture can be delivered. Plus we have to take the current furniture out and placed in storage before our new stuff gets here! Below is a photo of the new furniture! We got an upgrade to a KING size bed that is lower for Frankie to “safely” jump on and off of, 2 dressers (an upgrade from the one we’ve been sharing), a wardrobe with mirror and 2 night stands that all match. Everything is in this beautiful cherry finish with cedar drawers and brushed silver accessories on the handles. I feel so grown up! We got everything for 60% OFF too! Gotta love a good sale at Levin’s! 



Priority wise: the bedroom will have to wait until after this weekend. Luckily, I’ve gone through my closet over New Year’s so it’s really not all that bad in there, we just need to find places for everything in the night stands, dresser and TV hutch over the next week. Plus, with the major reorganizing of the kitchen/dining room area happening on Saturday, we just can’t do much of anything yet in there.

I’m seriously excited to get started on the kitchen! I’m going to have lots of actual before and after photos to share with you after Saturday. They gave me a shopping list of things that were pretty inexpensive and I’m looking forward to see how and where we are going to be using them. Lots of little baskets and wire shelving… we’ll see what happens!

On an even more personal note: I’ve started back up on Weight Watchers. We are having a weight loss competition at work with some pretty hefty prizes that kick started it, but then came Christopher Nichter. He gushed all throughout dinner last week about how the apps on his phone were helping him and almost making choosing better choices fun. My biggest problem with WW in the past has been that I don’t have the time or the gumption to carry around all those books to see how many points sandwich A is at Applebee’s compared to sandwich B, let alone writing it all down and keeping track. With the Apps on the iPhone… it’s actually so simple I have no excuse! It logs everything, plus there’s a scanner app that allows you to scan just about ANY USP code and get the points value. INSANE! Nick totally loved that on our grocery shopping trip on Saturday.

Also, I’ve been diligent in drinking more water (there’s an app to remind you to drink water and keeps track of how many ounces you’re getting in every day!) and have been measuring my food. I have a serving size problem. I normally just can’t have 9 reduced fat wheat thins… I have to eat like half the box. But, by monitoring the points so closely, I can’t justify eating 35 wheat thins, when 9 leaves me satisfied and is only 2 points… 3 points if I have them with a wedge of Laughing Cow reduced fat creamy Swiss cheese.

So far… and granted I’ve just started week 2, my body fat is down 2.91%. I realize that most if not all of that is water weight, but it’s a step in the right direction and I’m feeling a lot better about myself. I haven’t had the time with all of the house stuff going on to go to my workout class with Kristi and the gang which makes me pretty upset. However, lugging all the boxes around my houses, bending down and getting up half a million times in a night and lifting literally every item in our home makes me feel SORE and better in the fact that at least I’m not going to work out to sit on my butt… I’m still getting a little bit of activity in.

2012: The Year I Get It Together

My New Year’s Resolution for 2012 is to get my life together. In every way. I’m not just talking about losing weight (which I want to… and there is a MAJOR plan that is currently in progress!) or being a better person (Lord knows I need to!)… I’m talking about also getting organized and cleaning out the clutter in my life (both emotionally and physically).

I researched a lot of different organizational websites to get some ideas and then I found “All Squared Away.” All Squared Away, LLC is a professional organizing company that helps clients de-clutter, organize their homes and businesses, etc. They will help you find a system of organization that will best fit your needs! So far, I am completely obsessed with them and can’t wait to start our first actual session together next Saturday! And how much do I love that my Mary Kay money is going to something that is going to be helpful to us for YEARS?! Check them out at .   Just in the consultation, they came up with some great ideas. (Keeping a basket in the closet to automatically put those clothes you don’t “feel good” in or don’t fit anymore or just don’t like anymore so you can donate them instead of shoving them back in your closet?  HELLO!  BRILLIANT!)  I can’t wait to see what they’ve come up with next week!  They have seriously no judgement as they go through your home, they want to help you make the most of your space and your time!  I LOVE IT!!

They came for a consult last week and we tried to come up with a plan for each of the rooms I need help with. It’s not that our house is a complete disaster with rat poop everywhere featured on “Hoarders”. It’s just that we didn’t take the time when we moved in almost 3 years ago to get systems set in place for what goes where and the ones we did set up aren’t working anymore or we didn’t keep up with them. For example, we never set up the garage with the shelving it needed, so instead of our extra comforters and winter clothes being stored neatly away in plastic tubs… they’re piled in the guest room or tragically shoved into open spaces in closets.

While our kitchen may not look like it needs it from a glance… it drives me batty that we have to take many things out of our deep “lazy susan that doesn’t turn” cabinets to get anything. We don’t have a pantry, so we have to make do with what storage space we have in there, and I’m positive that we didn’t set it up the best way all that time ago. We just haven’t had the time or gumption to figure out the best way to fix it.

Our office is a catch-all room with no organization for what is where. We need to go through all of our books and see what we actually would like to keep… get the wires bundled up together and decided what boxes that are in the closet (like my wedding dress and Nick’s books for when he gets his own classroom) could be stored in other places so the room is actually usable for what we want it to be used for.

Our basement/movie/mary kay room is a hot mess. When I have a big party or Mary Kay rush like this past Christmas season (YAY!) things get put everywhere. I don’t have a “great” system yet for my inventory and paperwork that go along with my business. Michelle has been AMAZING in helping me get my ribbon, tissue paper and things stored away… it’s a great start and I really think she’s the one who’s made me see that I can do this and get it together! (Michelle, if you read this… I have put all the MK away in the black cabinet, put the decorating things in your white organizer, ribbons on the spools and taken the boxes and trash out!  HOORAY!)

Then there are all of our movies, which for the most part, thanks to me working at Blockbuster for 4 years and Nick keeping up with our awesome ginormous rotating shelves and database, aren’t too shabby. We just never hung the shelving down there for all of our movie memorabilia amd haven’t found a set up for the furniture that we like. So things… once again… are piled into corners.

One of the first things that the ASA team recommended was getting some rolling 5-6 shelf racks for the garage. We weren’t using ANY of our vertical space down there! I went and got them on Sunday… did you know that they don’t fit into a Honda Civic? I do now! Last night I put the other 2 together and just went through the right side of our garage. I took out 4 bags and 2 boxes of trash. Stuff that was either actually trash that had been misplaced on that side when we’ve cleaned out our cars, broken things, etc.

The photo below is how it ended up looking last night. Now granted, 9 of the boxes on those shelves and the giant stuffed animals on the floor are going to be donated/sold. I just put them on the shelves for now so once we take things to the big dumpster we can park in there. I really should have taken a before photo… but this is before the ASA people actually come and help me get this stuff in order and the donate/sell boxes are taken out… so consider this the post-before photo or something. If you want to picture all of the stuff, plus 4 giant trash bags and 2 boxes of junk all piled up with no rhyme or reason on top of each other without the racks… that would be the more accurate before LOL.

Post me working on it a little  bit... Before ASA comes Photo

The boxes to donate/sell include photo frames, cooking utensils and pans, DVDs galore, books, jewelry and various other items left over from our last garage sale. If you are in the need for something or just want to look through the DVDs let me know and you can come over and take a gander! The DVDs are pretty much all duplicates from either when we moved in together or made the switch to Blu-ray. There will be plenty more as we go through the house with ASA and declutter our lives! I also have 2 bags of clothes ready for Goodwill to be donated…if you wear an XL or size 22 you can look through before I donate as well!

I am seriously beyond excited that we’re actually taking the steps to get organized and cleaned out! Around Christmas it hit me that by this time next year there’s the POSSIBILITY (no… nothing is planned or happening, people!) that we COULD MAYBE be expecting. There’s so much that I want to have done and ready before that happens. We would make the guest bedroom into the nursery… but even now when guests come over there’s piles of comforters and boxes in the corners because we have nowhere to put them (ask Kate, Jim or Adam & Joe!). That’s only going to escalate when we add another tiny human into the picture! I am in complete awe of my friend Michelle who is incredibly organized with her baby, Noah. I want to be like that!

The ladies at ASA are beyond amazing. Like I’ve said, I’ve only had a consultation with them and I’m so inspired that I’ve started tackling things on my own to make it easier and quicker when they come next week. If you would have told me a month ago that I would have spent my Monday evening cleaning out the garage I would have laughed so hard! Now, I can’t wait for tomorrow night when I’ll have the evening free to tackles the dreaded left side of the garage! And all of this is before they actually come and help me set up actual systems for the house! AHHH! I’m totally nerding out and I LOVE IT! If this is what I can do without the help of the professionals, I can’t wait to see what they can do!

As far as things happening other than getting cleaned up and organized… tonight I’m headed over to fellow blogger and friend Elisha Dew’s home for a post-holiday baking and cooking hang-out! You can read her blog at I’m so excited! 🙂 We’re going to have a blast… and I’m sure there will be a post tomorrow about all of the awesome things we made! Now I just need to find a replacement recipe to bring!  I realized about half an hour ago that the recipe I was going to bring needed to have things frozen over night… so it’s off to the food blogs I go!