I’m Baaaaaaack

We just got back from 5 days in NYC and I’m already wanting to go back!  I absolutely love it when we can get away.  There’s something about just not doing what you normally do and being on an adventure of sorts that really makes us happy. Nick and I have the best time together.  He is my best friend, and it’s clear that when it’s just he and I against the world… the word better look out!

I could give you one super long play-by-play of our NYC trip, but the highlights were seeing four… yes FOUR… broadway shows, walking everywhere, just hanging out and eating wonderful food together.  My upcoming blogs will be a review of each show and highlights from that day in the city with photos… don’t want to overwhelm you all 🙂

I ate fish at every meal while we were gone and got a quick burger at the airport as we were leaving and felt AWFUL afterwards… all that fish has either given me mercury poisoning… or I clearly was eating much better until the airport!

I just started up with the Morgantown Shape Up Showdown which is a weight-loss competition.  You pay the fee, weigh-in, and win prizes as you lose!  You get all of these amazing classes from gyms and sponsors around town.  I have a few co-workers and friends doing this with me and am excited.  I have 36 pounds to go before I reach my first “actual” goal. It’s time to get in gear! 

A very good friend of mine also pointed out some not-so-good eating habits that I have.  It’s not that I didn’t know that I had them… I guess I just didn’t want to admit I had them… and as long as I kept it to myself, no one knew.  But alas, this person, who I am beyond grateful for, just bluntly pointed it out how different my portion size is to what an actual portion is and some other statements that literally made me stop in my tracks.  It just took someone else saying it to me.  At this point, it’s going to be breaking a LOT of bad habits, but I’m there now. I realize I say this about every 2 months… but there is a different fire burning in me now.  I have to be down by June… I will be down by June.

That is all Blog World… sorry it’s been a while… I’m baaaaaaaaaaack