Seiler House of Sushi

It has been a LOOOOONG time since we had a homemade sushi night, so we decided to do it up right!  It can take a little time and energy with shopping for ingredients and prepping, but it is so worth it and a lot of fun!

We discovered (and perfected) our sushi making when the Hubs had to do a project during his undergrad where he had to learn a new skill, document it and then teach his class.  Well… he didn’t learn a skill… and a week before the project was due, we figured out how to make sushi and I photographed him making rolls in various stages in various outfits (even paused so he could shave!).

Back in the day… we would have “LOST” watching parties every week and make sushi!  We named all of our favorite rolls after characters and major scenes from the show and everything ~NERD ALERT~

Watch the video to see a quick tutorial on how to roll and slice your sushi roll and see below for the shopping lists and full directions!  Appearance by the No Pants Seiler toddler as well

The Shopping List

From your grocery store:
*Leg Style Crab Meat
*Cocktail Shrimp (If you’re lazy like us)
*Cream Cheese (We don’t do this for the rolls, but if you like cream cheese in your rolls, get an icing bag to help ya out)
*Soy Sauce
*Any other fillers you may like… we’ve done jalapeño and mango even!

From your Asian market:
*Nori (The seaweed wrapping used to roll your rolls)
*Sweet Eel Sauce (Labeled Unagi Sauce)
*Japanese Mayo
*Miso Soup
*Sushi Rice
*Rice Wine Vinegar

From your Fish Market – BE SURE TO GET SUSHI GRADE FISH!
*Any other fish you like!


1. Making the Sushi Rice

*Take 3 cups of sushi rice and rinse in a large bowl with water.  You’ll do this until the water becomes clear.  This may take 3 or 4 bowls of rinsing water.
*Once clear, add rice to 4 cups of clean water into a large pot with lid.
*Bring to boil and cover with lid, reduce heat to low and cook for 20 minutes.
*Once rice is cooked, take off burner and let sit covered for 10 minutes.
*Pour rice into large bowl (NOT METAL! the vinegar you will be adding will have a reaction in a metal bowl and you will hate yourself!)
*Add 1/3 cup of the rice vinegar and FOLD in softly.
*Ideally you are to stand with the rice, fanning it and folding… but ‘aint nobody got time for that, so we place bowl in safe area to cool.  We usually do this either in our garage or on our bed under the ceiling fan (Makes our bedroom smell amazing).  Once initially cooled, cover bowl with a damp dish towel to keep moist.  You can also place in the fridge if short on time.


2. Prepping Your Fillers – wait for the rice to cool about an hour and then do this while your rice continues to cool

*Cut Avocado in half and remove pit.  Scoop out the “meat” and cut into nice little “bridges.”
*Detach shrimp tails and slice in half
*Un-clump crab meat and cut into smaller “sticks”
*Cut cucumber into small “sticks”
*Slice Tuna and Salmon into thin stick like pieces and some into thin rectangle like shapes.  You will use the stick pieces as filler and the rectangle shaped pieces on top!
*Cook and cut your eel in a similar fashion to your tuna and salmon


3. Rock & Roll
**Wrap your sushi mat in Glad Press N Seal for a MUCH easier experience!

*Place nori paper “shiny” side down onto the sushi mat and wet hands.  Place rice onto sheet with hands and flatten to cover paper.
*Pick our “insides” and place in the first 1/3 of the paper.
*Roll and simultaneously tighten sushi mat, pausing once your fingertips hit the board to give a good squeeze.  This is important in keeping the roll together.
*If you’re putting ingredients on top, place those and then take Cling Wrap and place over the top.  Then take your sushi mat and give a good squeeze.
*Wet sharp, unserrated knife with a combination of water and rice wine vinegar.  We keep this in a bowl (see video!).  And slice, cleaning and rewetting the knife after each slice.
*Remove serán wrap over roll if you needed to use it and place on your plate!
*Top with Tobiko, sauces and other garnishes as you please.


You can also get fancy with these rolls and then dip them in some tempura batter and panic and deep fry them!  We’ve done this at times when we have a group of people over and it’s been a great hit!  Just be careful with that oil, of course 😉

Let me know in the comments if you decide to try sushi night in your own home and how it goes!